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Feb 18, 2009 05:07 AM

What do you like in the Essex Street Retail Market?

Going there with three generations today. Anything that shouldn't be missed?

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  1. Roni-Sue's Chocolates - perfect for all 3 generations!

    1. Saxelby Cheese, & Shopsin's (your three generations will not fit, but take a look in, anyway). Let me know if Porto Rico coffee is open yet!

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        Agree. Although not in Essex market, I'd also make sure to walk across the street and go to Economy Candy.

      2. Note that the Market is probably smaller than you think (with a number of stalls selling packaged goods as well), so don't expect that you will make a whole day of it.

        1. Fromaggio. I've bought really amazing things there, and the girl running it is both knowledgeable and friendly. She even remembers what I've bought in the past when I come back a few weeks later!

          Jeffrey's Meats is great, I bought a fabulous white plume chicken from him.

          1. Thanks everybody. Porto Rico is open. Roni Sue is great. (the person and the chocolates.) I loved the buttercrunch. The pig candy was a must try, but didn't quite come together for me. Saxelby Cheese also carries nice Sullivan Street Bakery bread. I had already bought some queso Oaxaqueno from another vendor (along with some fairly fresh tortillas). A vendor on the West side of the market had a very good $1.25 espresso. Nice how the place is part high end and part economical.
            When did Economy Candy get all cleaned up? It's still the best place to buy my 3 year old niece a pink candy cigar - now all need she needs is a candy bottle of beer to wash it down!