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Feb 18, 2009 03:56 AM

She Crab/Cream of Crab Soup, Where is the best?

Can anyone direct me to a place with really good she crab or cream of crab soup? Thanks! (Preferably DC/NOVA area, but will travel for good soup)

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  1. Cream of Crab... Jerry's Seafood in Lanham...

    1. I think I need a lesson in crab soup varieties. Would crab bisque count under your criteria? If so, Ray's the Steaks has the best sherried crab bisque I've ever had. Huge chunks of crab in a rich cream/butter base with just a touch of sherry. Seriously, the base is so rich I can actually taste the butter. Luckily, they are very generous with the crab, so that at least displaces some of the ultra rich liquid.

      Oh, and the steaks are great too.

      1. I've had some delicious she crab soup at Georgia Browns in the past.

        1. The best Maryland cream of crab soup is at the Narrows in Kent Island. The best She Crab soup is at Soby's in Greenville, South Carolina possibly along with a couple of places in Charleston. Jerry's WAS vvery good but with a different owner I haven't had it in several years. Still, I honestly believe that the Narrows is the best of all.

          Now, if you had asked about crab and corn chowder my wife and I agree (who agrees with me on the above) that Citronelle has the best creamed crab soup of any style anywhere. The Narrows also has the best Maryland style crab cake of anyone.

          1. If you are ever in Annapolis and like RICH cream of crab soup, the Treaty of Paris wins lots of awards for that sort of thing. I prefer Carrol's Creek in Annapolis, it is rich as well.

            I know that Hank's Oyster Bar has amazing clam chowder, perhaps they make cream of crab on other nights, as I believe it was a daily special. I would definitely say if it is anything like the clam chowder it would be worth checking out.

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              Yes...I forgot about Carrol's Creek. We went there to celebrate out anniversary last yr (and my bf's belated birthday) and my bf got the soup. It was delicious. Overall that is a wonderful restaurant for all things crab. Very creative and tasty (with the nice views to match).