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Feb 17, 2009 11:18 PM

Restaurants in Banglampoo (oh and, first time to Thailand)

I am moving - yes moving - to Thailand in a month and have never been there let alone Asia. Thai food is one of my favorites but I only know the Americanized version (which is delicious but, I've learned from my research, not usually authentic). I will be living up north for work, but have a week in Bangkok first for training. Will be staying on the river near the Phra Pin-Plao bridge (at Navalai River hotel), that's also near my office.

Can anyone recommend some out-of-sight restaurants within walking distance? Or if there's some kind of market/street with food stalls where I can go crazy and try some new, quintessential things, that would be nice too. I won't have a lot of free time so I don't think I'll have time to venture out much beyond the Banglampoo area.

This is a very amateur question I know, but I'd love to get names (and translations!) of a few really typical dishes to try in BKK. I am getting some really great advice already from previous posts on the board, but a lot of times, you Thai foodies you, you give the Thai name without any kind of translation so I am totally lost! I have the LP Thailand which has a small food section but it's pretty basic.

Anyway would appreciate advice!


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  1. Here's a great guide to the Saochingcha district. The area is less than a half kilometer south on Tanao Road. There is a link to a PDF map of the area, following the write ups.

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    1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

      I second Curt's suggestion. I've been working my way through the places listed in the guide, and their recommendations are very good. If you read the detailed profiles in advance (click on the hyperlinks in the guide), you'll be able to order with confidence. I haven't found any other neighborhood in Bangkok with such highly concentrated good eating - it's pretty hard to go wrong. The Saochingcha area is close to both the Khao San tourist district and the Grand Palace, but you'll find few foreigners eating there (Chote Chitr is an exception).

      Some additional notes:

      The map that accompanies the guide can be a bit confusing because it is oriented so that west is up and north is to the right (unlike most maps in which north is up and west is to the left).

      I can't find Khao Man Gai Chaiyo (I've tried twice and it just doesn't seem to be there - perhaps it closed down?).

      There is a snack sold in the afternoon at a stall on the east side of Tanao Rd (south where Mahannop Rd runs into Tanao, but north of the Bangkok Bank) that I highly recommend. It is a root vegetable (taro, I believe) cut into wedges and cooked in a big wok of oil. They look a bit like wedges of potato with purple spots. The wedges have a sweet glaze, which adds to the flavor, but doesn't overwhelm it. A box of several wedges (20+, I would guess) costs 40 baht. Eat them while they're warm.

      1. re: SCS

        I really appreciate these two suggestions. I had hoped for a few more answers but this will be a great start, I only have a few days in BKK on this trip so Curt's map should keep me plenty busy. thanks!

    2. I opened the post intending to point you toward Saochingcha too. Seeing as it's covered I'll also point you toward Phra Athit road. That's the road running parallel to the river, north of the bridge. One star is Hemlock. Looking back at your post, I think you'll have definitely found this and a few more places over there by now!

      Re names/translations, see top link (ChanChao) here: