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Feb 17, 2009 09:56 PM

Good bakery in Palm Springs, CA?

So we're going with a group of friends to Palm Springs for the weekend to celebrate one person's birthday. We want a tasty cake or batch of cupcakes for the occasion, but don't want to schlep them from the tried and true places we'd buy them from in LA (Auntie Em's, Sweet Lady Jane's, et. al.). Is there a good bakery in the Palm Springs area?

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  1. You will probably get more from people who live there but we recently drove down to visit someone and stopped at Manhattan in the Desert (on East Palm Canyon) and were blown away by the desert case while waiting for some takeout corned beef and pastrami sandwiches.

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      The pastries and cakes are huge and surprisingly their cakes are so moist. I asked how they were so moist and they wouldn't tell me. One slice of cake is a generous portion for two people.

    2. Try Sherman's Deli downtown Palm Springs. Lots of good things in the case.

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          1. Jensen's Grocery has a much better bakery than Ralph's does. And if you are near Sunrise and Ramon there is a bakery on the corner called Swiss Donut which is excellent and great coffee, too.

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              There is definitely a cupcake bakery in the palm springs area that is just wat u r looking for. It is located in Cathedral City in the Pickfair Promenade next to edible arrangements. It is called Sister's Cupcakes by Design and are absolutely the best cupcakes i have ever had and I have had cupcakes from Tokyo, Italy, to everywhere in L.A. that you can possibly think of. And i have got to tell you these are absolutely the best cupcakes in the world. I didn't even find these cupcakes, they found me. Cupcake Girl showed up in our office building in the middle of July and wanted everybody to try the cupcakes. MMMM MMMMM MMMMM i took off work a half hour early to go check out the shop and found 12 different cupcakes from orange ginger to lemon lavender to tiramisu and one of "my favorites" banana chocolate chip. I am back, sorry i just drooled all over my keyboard. I was there three or four times a week before i found out that they deliver for free. i consider this place the aspen mills place for cupcakes. There are no flavor drops, everything there is made from scratch and each cupcake is paired with its own frosting. So i am on my way to go get some cupcakes from sister's cupcakes by design. Today i believe they are making spumoni and lemon licorice.

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                Stumbled across Sister's yesterday when others in my group were going to Cold Stone Creamery. I only tried one flavor but concur that it was an outstanding cupcake. Their French vanilla cupcake (vanilla cake & frosting) has mild spicing in the cake (mace, etc.), and the cake texture is wetter and heavier than the traditional light crumble. If you lined up a continuum from cupcakes to custardy cannele, this cupcake would be most of the way toward cupcakes but one step toward cannele. The frosting -- despite being vanilla on vanilla -- gave a subtle contrast to the cake because of the cake's spice.

                Nice range of rotating flavors, kind staff. Big thumbs up.