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Feb 17, 2009 09:43 PM

Best recs for boiled crawfish dinner w/o car in NOLA?

Some friends and I (all girls) will be staying in the Quarter without a car Sat, Mar 21-Wed, Mar 25th. My job is planning the food. One item still left on the wishlist is boiled crawfish dinner with corn (although I wouldn't say no if they also had other boiled seafood). My searches on the board came up with a lot of places outside of the city. Does anyone have any recs for a place in the city?

A cab ride is OK, we would prefer a reasonably safe location at night. At the moment, I'm leaning towards picking up a couple of pounds at Big Fisherman (how late do they open?) and having people make a mess in the hotel room to save some money.

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  1. There should be quite a few seafood places in the Quater and off the streetcar line. Frankie and Johnnie's uptown, off the street car line, used to serve the best,...I don't know if they are open after Katrina. I'll look at what is open and post back.....

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      Frankie and Johnnies would be a good place to go and there are some bars around that area as well

      1. re: roro1831

        Could you reccommend bars in the area?

        1. re: stevuchan

          At the risk of my post being pulled since it relates to bars:
          Dos Jefes
          St Joe's
          Monkey Hill

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            Much appreciated. I've heard the peanuts at St. Joe's are top knotch and food related.

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              the mint is their mojitos is edible too!

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                As are the blueberries in the blueberry mojitos

      2. Yo Mama's in the 700 block of St. Peter has great boiled crawfish Thur through Sun at 1:00, 3:00 and 6:00. Right across from Pat O's. You can't miss it as they boil the crawfish right in the doorway. Frankie and Johnie's is almost to Audubon Park--quite a way from the Quarter and last year, Yo Mama's crawfish were much better than F&J's.

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          Yummy. Will they have them during French Quarter Festival?

        2. Don't pollute your hotel room with crawfish trash: if you want to do takeout, buy some at K'Jean's seafood on Carrollton Ave and head over to City Park for a picnic. Be a good citizen and wrap your trash well before discarding in a garbage can. K'Jean also has other boiled seafood, as well. The Canal streetcar line has a branch that runs up to City Park, right in front of K'jean's, and continuing on to the Park. Look for Canal streetcars marked "City Park", which turn right onto Carrollton Ave rather than heading all the way up Canal.


            On the above-linked list from the Times Picayune-- Big Fisherman may be the closest to the quarter, followed by Kjeans.

            1. Thanks for the suggestions! Although now I've lost a space for lunch and opened up one for dinner, it looks like Big Fisherman or Kjeans and a picnic. Who has the freshest, fattest ones?

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                sf, Why take a cab, picnic, etc. when you can just walk a few blocks to Yo Mama's, have some of the best crawfish in town, a cold beer and good company. I live in the Quarter, am Cajun, and eat a LOT of crawfish. These crawfish are good and you will meet a bunch of strange locals.

                1. re: Panama Hat

                  I agree with Panama Hat. You have 4 short days here, save yourself the time & trouble & go to Yo Mama's.

                  And for those who might not want to eat crawfish, they have really good burgers!
                  And they are also open very late. I'm a local & I go there.

                  And eating them in your hotel room is a really bad idea.
                  The smell afterward if you don't clean up properly can be really hard to get rid of.
                  Have a great time & thanks for coming for a visit!

                2. re: sfbing

                  If you go to Big Fisherman, you can eat them across the street in the courtyard of the Bull Dog (bar with a huge beer selection).