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Feb 17, 2009 09:27 PM

Groton, CT Steak

Heading to Groton next month for my son's first homecoming since spending the last 5 months in a sub. Would like to treat him to a good, hearty steak dinner. Would like a nice local place, not too fancy. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Steak Loft in Mystic, Steakout in New London (relatively new, haven't tried it yet) and Octagon at the Groton Marriott (maybe too "fancy")...

    1. Forget the Steak Loft. One of the best meals is Salad/Delmonico/Fries/Cakelady dessert at Mr G's.
      www.mrgsrestaurant.comlondon area.

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        1. I second "Forget the Steak Loft." Take a nice drive north to 85 Main in Putnam:
          Great food, not too pricey (but not cheap) and you can go in jeans and a polo shirt. He'll be glad you're getting away from the NL area (as a former Navy wife, I should know).

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            85 Main looks great. But the only time we tend to drive out that way is to go to Sharpe Hill Vineyard (one of my very favorite CT restaurants), so OP, if you're going to go for a ride for steak, you might also consider Sharpe Hill. I get a rare filet every time I go and it's delicious. Very quaint setting. Prices are about the same as 85 Main above. Know that you need to make reservations in advance as seating is limited. It's a really nice experience to say the least. You can also do a wine tasting before the meal.

            By the way, for that neck of the woods being "The Quiet Corner," it's not so quiet on the restaurant scene, is it? ;


            Sharpe Hill Vineyard
            108 Wade Rd, Pomfret, CT

          2. It's not exactly "local", depending on what you mean by that, but The Longhouse at Mohegan Sun is really good, and definitely more casual than, say, Michael Jordan's. Just a note on the Navy side of things, depending on what your son does on the boat, you might be better off making your plans for the night after homecoming. Pulling in is a long (and annoying) process. Some of the guys don't get off for hours. I hope that's not the case for you, but it definitely has the potential to ruin an evening out. Good luck, and have fun!

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              I have to say.... The Longhouse NY. strip is easily one of the best I have EVER HAD!
              Make sure you call ahead, their hours are a little strange.

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                Good point about the boat - sometimes I forget about the old days...waiting anxiously hours after the boat pulled in...not to mention 32-hour piloting parties having made my sailor bleary-eyed and fuzzy-brained!