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Feb 17, 2009 09:20 PM

new hamburger restaurant on la brea??

I am sorry. i have lost the thread to a new restaurant that had a japanese sounding name with truffle hamburgers, etc that just opened on La Brea. Anyone know the name? thx

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  1. Umami Burger. I'm not sure why the threads on it keep getting deleted.

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    1. re: huaqiao

      As our posting guidelines explain:

      "We don't allow reviews of "soft open" or "friends and family nights", which are held for a select group prior to the restaurant's opening to the general public. These nights represent either the restaurant pulling out all the stops to impress for a smaller than usual crowd or the time when a restaurant is still working out the kinks and not expecting public review. They won't usually accurately represent the actual experience of dining at the restaurant once it's fully open for business."

      Although Umami Burger's soft open is open to the public and not just invited guests, we're applying the same policy for this restaurant as well until they are out of their soft open phase.

    2. Umami Burger?
      850 S. La Brea

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      1. Call before you go. Last Sat. they were closed due to a leaky roof and today they ran out of food.

        Umami Burger
        850 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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          1. re: epop

            fo' sure....
            call first and try their Triple Pork Burger
            and Roasted Garlic Potato Salad.....yeah!!!

            1. re: NumeroUnoEat

              I live around that area. Umami Burger use to be a Corean Restaurant. I wonder whether it's the same owner. The Triple Pork Burger & Roasted Garlic Potato Salad sounds yummy!!! I'll have to give it a go!

            2. re: epop

              I've tried to go twice and was unsuccessful, I'll try again in the next day or so. It does sound good from the reports so it seems worth a try!

          2. Oooh, upset! I had written a large post on it yesterday. I figured it would be okay because yesterday was their "grand opening" day. Anyway, in a nutshell, it was pretty awesome. Breakdown:

            - Chili Burger = deliciousness
            - Umami Burger = okay, somewhat underseasoned
            - Fries = very good
            - Sweet Potato Chips = just okay for me, my sister seemed to enjoy them immensely

            Still my favorite burger is the Morton's burger, but for half the price, it's definitely up there in my fav LA area burger list. I have some pictures, but it's too early for me to get up the mojo to post it here :P

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              1. re: wutzizname

                Sorry they're not great, I just had my phone camera but here they are anyway.

                1. re: baloney

                  Thank you! Pic quality's fine. And the burgers look damn good. Sides, as commented on deleted posts, do look sparse. But the the size of the burgers seem to offset that.

                  Looking forward to it.

                  1. re: wutzizname

                    Ya the burger patty in your pic looks great, the burger patty on the pics on yelp looked tiny. I guess thats a kink they worked out :). If all goes as planned i'll be indulging tomorrow.

                    1. re: wutzizname

                      Like I had written in my previously deleted post, the sides DO look small, but they actually end up being just the right amount. And yes, add in the size of the burger and you should end up with a satisfied belly. At least I was stuffed!

              2. I just got back from Umami, and I must say it was very satisfying. I got the Middle-East burger (lamb, cucumber, harissa), my friend had the SoCal burger and her husband the Port & Stilton one. We split 2 orders of fries and a salad, my friends got some Mexican coke and I stayed on water.
                The consensus is we will be back!

                We were there around 12.30, the restaurant started to fill up a bit around 1 PM but it wasn't crowded. The room is very pleasant, not very big but it didn't feel cramped.
                You order at the counter and they bring your food to your table. We didn't have to wait too long for our food. We all shared bites of our respective burgers, which were all cooked rare. The SoCal burger was very good, but a bit boring compared to the others, it's probably the one that's closest to a "regular" burger. The guy at the counter described it as "close to an In-N-Out burger", except I think it's better than In-N-Out.
                But compared to the lamb burger it was not as interesting. The harissa it came with wasn't overtly spicy (I grew up on the stuff so I'm always a bit disappointed when it's not very hot), but it was okay because it didn't overpower the taste of the lamb, which was cooked to perfection, not dried out like ground lamb can be, and the cukes provided an interesting contrast of crunchiness and freshness. There are tiny bit of onions in the lamb patties .

                The winner I think was the Port & Stilton burger: all flavors were distinguishable separately, including the Port, something that surprised me because I would have expected it to be drowned by the Stilton, and it wasn't. Not only you can separate the flavors, they also blended all together to create a very distinct new taste.
                The meat for all burgers is really first-rate, and the buns are awesome too! Not too doughey, soft but not sweet, sturdy enough as not to pull apart.

                The big rectangular fries were very good too, though I prefer shoestrings myself. It's only 8 of them, but it's enough to complement the burgers. The only thing we didn't really like was the salad dressing, my friend thought it was too vinegary, and I believe it's simply because they put too much dressing for the amount of greens. It had some nice roasted yellow beets in it.

                We all live round the corner, so the parking issues someone was mentioning in a different post are non-existent for us, but really it's not that hard to find parking around La Brea & 9th street. Anyway, we were all pretty happy with Umami, we've been lamenting the closing of Indulge café for too long now, and if Umami is more expensive than Indulge it's still very decent prices for gourmet burgers. We've decided to come back another time to try the Triple Pork and the Truffle burgers.
                I hope they will last longer than Indulge, and if somehow the owner of Umami reads this post: hey, could you please develop a veal burger? I would be forever grateful!

                The service was okay, nice and friendly, nothing special to report, nothing great but nothing bad either.
                We didn't try their coffee or sweets because we wanted to walk over to Massimo's Mudspot, and also we were very full.

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                1. re: bad nono

                  A veal burger?! That's all a new place needs, the PITA PETA people picketing and bringing the local press around... Wait a minute, I think I'm onto a new marketing strategy...

                  1. re: bad nono

                    Not sure veal, with the mild flavor, would shine in a burger. But hey, why not try it.

                    1. re: meatluva

                      I make veal burgers at home (with arugula, a bit of mustard and cheese), and it's awesome. There are some restaurants serving veal in LA, so why not veal burgers. Do animal activists picket places that serve lamb?

                    2. re: bad nono

                      Oh Mommee!!! I recently had the Port and Stilton Burger. What an explosion of flavors in my mouth. The burger was so beefy and juicy, complimented so well with the buttery Portugese bun. The caramalized onions in Port and the Stilton cheese surprisingly did not overpower the beefy goodness of the patty. In fact they further enhance the delectable burger. The Truffle Burger is next on my list... I'll be back for another Umami Munch!