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Feb 17, 2009 07:15 PM

A good kosher meal before the Rangers game on Sunday

My fiancee and I are taking two friends who keep kosher to their first hockey game on Sunday. Game starts at 8, so we are looking for a good early dinner spot...around 5:30, close to Madison Square Garden on 33rd st. and 7th ave. We're open to any cuisine as long as the menu includes meat. Gotta' sate the inner carnivore before any professional hockey event. Thanks in advance for your help!!

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  1. I would also try posting this on the Kosher board as well.

    1. If you head just a bit north there are many options in the Garment Center area. Abigaiel's if you want something upscale, Mr. Broadway for deli or Ben's Kosher, but know that although Kosher it is not shomer shabbat). No meat, but cheap is Jersulem Pizza.

        1. You really should try Olympic Pita if you are looking for something more casual. It's on 38th and 6th (towards 5th) and it's Kosher and luckily open on Sunday. They have tons of options, but my favorite is their falafel on homemade Laffa. They make amazing french fries that they actually put on the sandwiches and you get a side of salads and cabbage dishes.

          They also make great meat kabobs and shawarma. I've only ever gotten takeout but the sit down area looks very nice with waitress service.