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Feb 17, 2009 06:48 PM

Guatemalan Truck at 16th Street BART

For the past month or two there's been a rather shiny truck (or wagon or something) first to the right of the station, and now to the left, serving what I believe to be Guatelmala's Greatest Hits. I've not stopped to try, largely because it's not a particularly nice intersection at which to dine, but am curious to hear if anyone else has.

Also curious about what kind of permits you need for that sort of thing, and whether someone would like to open a mobile izakaya operation in front of my office.

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  1. Is that the antojitos stand? I noticed it yesterday, but haven't tried it

    1. There are a couple posts on this truck here:

      Haven't tried any of the fried things, but everything else I've had has been good. I particularly love the beans. Occasionally, they also set up a hot dog grilling station next to the truck and pile the sausages with about 17 different kinds of fixings. Good stuff.

      1. eggs and longaniza with beans is fantastic late night fare.

        1. They've actually been there since May of 2008. Melanie Wong wrote and posted about them in detail here: