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Feb 17, 2009 05:33 PM

The Best Dim Sum I've Never Had

My family are dim sum fanatics and we go once or twice a month, but lately we've been in an NBC-Elite-Ocean Star-Sea Harbor rut that I'm anxious to break out of despite the high quality of those establishments. We've done New Concept (though I think that's gone), Mission 261 and Empress Harbor, but want something new. What's the latest and greatest that isn't on my list? Thanks.

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  1. Don't know about greatest, but 888 is our perennial favorite. Not so delicate in the dumplings as some, but with a little more hardcore stuff than, say, Empress Harbor (the parents' former favorite) - I love the cold octopus, and I don't have to throw myself in front of the stewed-tripe cart anymore because the woman knows me. Or she pretends to. And it's generally pretty cheap. VERY popular - go early (they open at 10) or late (close I think at 3) on weekends.

    We had an excellent midweek dim sum lunch some years ago at Full House in Arcadia - it's in the mall with 99 Ranch on Golden West at Duarte. Delightful but cramped at the time. They've remodeled and expanded; we haven't been back yet but we ought to go.

    1. Ocean Star was my go to dim sum place in LA but recently i've discovered Capital Seafood just across from Ocean Star. its in a huge strip mall, next to the 99 ranch supermarket. All the dim sum staples (except for Lo Ba Kau = radish cake) was solid! The place looks reminiscent of Scarface though, gaudy white and gold with chandeliers....

      1. Went to King Hua last weekend and it was very good. Menu looks identical to Sea Harbor and I thought the quality was the same. Very friendly staff.

        1. I second 888 - it's solid and dependable and once they get to know you and what you like, you're golden.