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Feb 17, 2009 04:43 PM

upperline - what to order, veg option?

Yeah, I know, but my friend is a vegetarian (she has other redeeming qualities.) Wasn't able to call today since they are closed. Anyone know if they will accommodate a vegetarian? I know most fine dining places around here seem to be able to toss something together.

Also: what's the must-order dish? I'm eying the lamb shank or the rack of lamb, but I can rarely turn down a nice duck...

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  1. Here to report I very much enjoyed Upperline. I had the oysters St. Claude and the duck: both were excellent. The duck has a nice smoky flavor, and i enjoyed the two sauces - thought the peach was a bit better however. Just loved the candied sweet potatoes with pecans. Oysters perfectly fried and I enjoyed the lemony, spicy sauce on top.

    Very impressed by my server. I am 20 years old and look 16 - I still was very well taken care of. JoAnn even came by to chat with me about used book stores. I live right up the corner and imagine I will be returning soon.

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      Just returned from NOLA and the best meal in a week was at Upperline. The fried green tomatoes with shrimp remoulade and the drum with habanero sauce were outstanding, as was the bread pudding for dessert. Great atmosphere and service too.