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Feb 17, 2009 04:32 PM

Cuisinart stand mixer (1000 watts)

So, I decided to trade in my weakening Kitchen Aid stand mixer and go whole hog and get the mega motor Cuisinart. I got it in early January. So, now we're mid-February, and guess what? After whipping potatoes, the whisk attachment is jammed and won't come out.

Anyone have this happen with any of the attachments? Can anyone save me a huge headache (from what I have read online- it would seem the only solution is packing it up and shipping it back to them, with a cheque to cover the shipping back to me- which soooooo pisses me off. I mean, I spend $600 on a brand new machine, and because it's faulty, I have to pay again??????? the shipping alone could cost $50 (one way) - this sucker is heavy!!!!)


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  1. maybe try contacting one of your local authorized Cuisinart repair centers first, to see if there's a quick fix for it...

    1. The whisk and other attachments have simple bayonet mounts (push in, then twist). Short of whacking it with a hammer, a bit more wiggling and twisting is the only way to get it loose. If you get it loose, check to see if there is a bit of raised metal on the cross bar. That could be the problem. If so, just sand it down with a fine file or some emery paper.