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Feb 17, 2009 03:57 PM

In search of ... All-you-can eat tacos

I tried this the other day, but it seems that nobody knows what a taco bar is. A really good one can be had at La Fiesta Grande locations in Pasadena and South Pas. They bring all the fixin's in individual bowls and refill as needed. I've found a couple of other places that do a buffet thing, which is kind of gross.

So, does anybody know of a nice all-you-can eat deal at a decent joint?

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  1. Not a taco bar...but Marix (in West Hollywood) has Taco Tuesday's - all you can eat tacos; you just order and they keep on bringing them.

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    1. The Cantina Lounge (off 57 @ Nutwood Ave in Fullerton) has AYCE tacos once a month on a Tuesday. You have a choice of chicken, beef or carnitas; these are a bit barebones, but good (my favourite are the carnitas). All other Tuesdays are $1 tacos.

      It's also 1/2 off on some apps during happy hour.