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Feb 17, 2009 03:40 PM

Don't touch money and then touch my food!

What is it with casual dining places. I'm not talking Jack in the Box or Taco Bell that have dedicated cashiers, but rather those neighborhood delis and pizza joints that have one person behind the counter. Don't the owners teach their employees to WASH THEIR HANDS??

It's happened to me recently at a couple of pizza places and a sandwich shop. At the sandwich place, the girl took my money, and then started making my sandwich!! I said, will you please wash your hands first and you should have seen the look she gave me!! It's one thing if they slap on some gloves, but she didn't even bother.

It happened to me at 2 pizza places recently. One, the owner was standing right there and when the guy started to touch my slices (at the workstation right next to the sink) I said something and the owner never once said a word.

Does casual dining mean we take our chances with our health?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I agree. It's gross. And I do say something if I like the place. If I'm not so crazy about them or they have a lot of nearby competition, I just don't return.

      1. worse still is when they lick their fingers to open the brown bag. Totally bleh.

          1. Don't you, in the course of the transaction, touch your money then touch your food, without washing your hands?

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              I, personally, carry wetnaps for just that reason. But, when possible will wash my hands prior to touching food, if I'm not using a knife and fork. I guess it just makes me wonder, if they are so careless about their hand sanitation, what else are they touching before they touch my food..... ew

              1. re: xanadude

                In my opinion that is not really an issue. The person at the shop is handling lots of food and lots of money from lots of different people throughout the day, the amount of bacteria transfered seems like it would be considerably more compared to one person touching a bit of money and their own food.

                1. re: xanadude

                  No I do not touch money and then touch my food without washing my hands. That's why I carry Purel.

                  1. re: Leonardo

                    Guess what- Purel is not "washing your hands".

                    1. re: Leonardo

                      As a matter of fact, neither Purel nor any other hand sanitizer will kill one of the most deadly and infectious bacterium out there, Clostridium difficil (or C. diff). ONLY washing your hands with soap and hot water will take care of that little bug.