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Feb 17, 2009 03:29 PM

Frenchmen Street

Seeking a place (or a couple/few places) within walking distance of Snug Harbor Club for a Wednesday night dinner around 6:30 in mid-March. Entrees not to exceed $15 and we'd like some local cuisine to be on the menu. Recommendations welcome!

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  1. The Praline Connection!! Black owned and pretty darned good soul food and N'awlins cuisine. No atmosphere to speak of; the crowd IS the atmosphere. Adam

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      ive only been to Prailine once, about 3 years ago, the winter after katrina. i found it was not so hot... has it gotten better?

      as for the OP, Adolfo's is worth mentioning. nola-italian, lots of seafood. not for everybody, but i enjoy its small-time & funky atmosphere. try the "Ocean Sauce" which they can put on many of the entrees (tomato + cream sauce w/ shrimp, crawfish, crabmeat -- love it!!)

    2. entrees not to exceed $15.......WOW!!! IS 2009....i just mean, is that extra $4 or $5 gonna kill you?????i dont make a TON of money but i NEVER lock in to the cheap stuff cuz id rather have a happy and full belly then a happy and full wallet, u dig??Either way good luck with that tho.....try Coop's straight up Decatur from Frenchman, it will fit your bill for the most part

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        We're a group of 50 coming down to help with Katrina clean-up. We're on a budget. Any direction you can provide within the $15 limit would be helpful.

      2. there's the bar menu at Marigny Brasserie, if you want to do small plates and keep in your budget.

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          the bar menu is no longer. was in this week.

          MB has been changing chefs lately...think their on their 3rd in two years; this one was the chef from the Country Club. theres one menu, w/ sections for Entrees, Appetizers, and Small Plates (more appetizers).

          kinda a bummer, MB used to have one of the best happy hours -- $2.50 drinks, and cheap eats.. the batter fried crawfish w/ aioli sauce was like popcorn! grill avocado was good too, and for serious fun the french fries w/ blue cheese & bacon sauce was killa!!

          i tried the burger this week. at $10 id expect cheese to be included, but it was damn tasty -- blue cheese smear & excellent bacon...was excellent.

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            Any other thoughts for that Snug Harbor/Frenchman 'hood? We're a group of 50 and will need to split up for dinner before Jazz night at Snug. We seek good local cuisine, nothing fancy, but hopefully no long waits.

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              We had the crawfish boil from them on Fat Tuesday and were rather pleased. Could be because I faded into a fugue state and ate three pounds of em', though...

          2. You could also try Fiorella's, on Decatur between Ursulines and Gov. Nicholls. Or take out from Verti Marte, on Royal at Gov. Nicholls.

            1. I recommend a place called "13." The prices are extremely ecconomical! I get the crostini everytime! It is the best I've ever had! They have a pretty nice beer selection too. One can definitley make it a night for under $15...