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Feb 17, 2009 03:27 PM

SD: Mille Fluers v. Mister A's

So I have a big birthday coming up and I have always wanted to try Mille Fluers. When I suggested this, friends said, why not Mister A's, it's closer and owned by the same person. Other than the view, are they similar or is one better?

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  1. Great question.

    Its hard for me to say, but I think the food might be slightly better at Mille Fluers.

    But all things considered (proximity to me, options afterwards, view, history etc) I would say Mr. A's without a doubt.

    But its really hard for me to consider that type of dining these days in the down economy.

    I ate mariscos german today (the lonchera) and I think that dominated both!

    1. Been to both and I love Mille Fleurs..extremely romantic..great country French food..Bertrand's at Mister A's is nice and a great view..
      Are you dining with friends or just your loved one?
      If you live close to the Ranch, I would do Mille Fleurs...San Diego proper..then Bertrands..
      Happy Birthday sdnosh!

      1. My wife and I love Mille Fleurs. Have been going there since the mid-90's for many of our special occasion dinners (we celebrated our engagement there, as well as several anniversaries). Service has always been impeccable and the food is consistently good and the wine list is long.

        We have not had the occasion to try Bertrand's at Mister A's, but the view is spectacular, that I know.

        1. Both are great.
          MF tends to be very quiet and and can almost seem empty when there are people.
          Mister A's is very lively and you also have the patio. I have been to both severtal times, and I would go with Mr.A's.