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Feb 17, 2009 03:08 PM

Farmstead Cheese, Wayland Square, Providence

I stopped in to check this supposedly awesome cheese place out today. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

For the most part their cheeses were over priced, the staff members were snobby and worst of all they were selling OUTDATED products. I'm not talking about a day or two. This goat cheese I bought was 2 weeks out of date!!!

This is something that MIGHT be acceptable from a grocery chain. I could understand it being overlooked there, but in a specialty cheese store..

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  1. Seriously? I'm shocked re the dates - I agree that their prices are on the high end, but not any more than any other specialty cheese shop. I find the people who work there to be nice and helpful. Maybe you go them on a bad day . . . .

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      When you pay those high prices, there is no room for a "bad day" buy a sweater from the store take it home its ripped a but so you take it bad no questions asked Yes the stores in the East Side are a bit snobby But they will feel it Go to Whole Foods Very nice helpful and they know their products

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      1. As a Farmstead fan, I'm shocked about the dates too... I've not seen this.

        As others have mentioned, prices are on the high side, but I can forgive that in a specialty store... I have a harder time forgiving the snobbery. The folks there are hardly welcoming and friendly, and that *can* hurt a specialty store...

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          My thoughts are similar to Garris. The high prices are high because the cheeses are expensive, not because there are super-high markups. I don't understand the "date" issue--I've never bought a cheese from them (or any other decent cheesemonger) that had a date on it. The cheese is good until it's not good--you should always taste it first. If it's one of the small, whole crottin or other French cheeses, if it's been properly aged, the sell-by date, if there was one, would be meaningless. And, to the extent their are dates, are you sure it's not from Europe, where the day and month are reversed?

          With that said, I haven't had a great experience with the attitude of the people that I've encountered there. I never feel I get enough information or suggestions on new things, and I just end up buying what I know, which isn't nearly as satisfying.

        2. Too bad. I've always found the staff friendly and helpful. They offer samples of everything, including hefty slices of their fine salamis. Considering that many of their cheeses are not available at supermarkets like Whole Foods, I do not find their pricing structure out of line.

          1. I've not experienced either of your complaints at Farmstead. in fact, when I've gone in, even when it is busy, I have found the staff very ready to try and figure out something that will buckle my knees and I must have. They have always been very friendly to me.

            I lean hard on the very frugal side of things, so walking into a pricy store like that tends to seize up my purse strings, not loosen them. The staff also never wrinkle their noses when I want small pieces of cheese the way other specialty stores do.

            Sorry if you had a bad experience. Did you take the cheese back?