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Feb 17, 2009 03:04 PM

Rogue Dead Guy whiskey?

has anyone had this? saw it today at the liquor store, but was leery of buying it because:
- it was $45
- I tend not to like Rogue beers
- It seems like a gimmick (Rogue spirits)

Thought it was worth asking about

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  1. A few pretty bad reviews and some other information is available if you Google... I happen to like some of Rogue's beers, but I think I'll pass on this stuff based on what I saw. Apparently it's aged only 3 months.

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    1. re: davis_sq_pro

      Yeah, I also did a quick search before posting here but mainly saw chatter in beer related areas (in some cases claiming that 'it must be good' just because their Pacman heroes made it). I did see a comment somewhere that it was basically white lightning, but given that I've come to really appreciate the spirt knowledge of the folks here thought that maybe I might be overlooking somehting :)

      Speaking of brewery based spirits, I did actually read some good stuff about Dogfish Head's rum. Hopefully I'll get a chance to chat w/ the DFH peeps on Thursday (in reality, I'll probably see them from afar), but it'd be interesting to know if/when they'll be shipping up to our neck of the woods

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        I think their Dark Rum is Ok but not worth the premium price and I doubt their whisky is any better, especially with the lack of aging. And the thought of "Spruce Gin" is terrifying to me, so I doubt i'll try that.

    2. It's pretty interesting. Not something I'd buy again, though. It's a bit sweet to me. I too heard it was only aged a few months and the label says it's "ocean-aged?" Not sure what that means. It certainly tastes as if it's been aged longer.

      I do like some of their other spirits, though. Their Spruce Gin is pretty impressive. They also threw it in some pinot noir casks to make a "Pink Gin" (not to be confused with the old drink of gin w/ aromatic bitters). Very very very interesting stuff but I'm having a hard time incorporating it into cocktails. I like all of their rums, though they're a bit pricy.

      More and more breweries are distilling spirits. Beer is just a distillation or three away from whiskey, it's a great way to experiment and utilize local and seasonal product and it expands/diversifies their portfolios. If you're a brewhouse, your margins double.

      Out of the spirits I've had created by breweries, Anchor is by far the most impressive right now. They've really done their homework. I've only had a couple of the DFH spirits and was also impressed. Triple Eight from MA is pretty much Cisco Brewing and they also have a few decent products. I'm not 100% certain if they're distilled by Berkshire Brewing Company (they're at least distributed by them), but Berkshire spirits are also worth a try. Their bourbon barrel aged rum especially.

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        1. re: cannedmilkandfruitypebbles

          Totally great stuff. There's actually two of them - the 18th Century and the 19th Century. The website has a pretty sweet video up about their whiskies and some decent info. The one you love is probably the 19th. The 18th is pretty intense and rough (although still tasty and very interesting).

        2. re: mrgrotto

          I actually think the pink gin makes a great G&T.