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Feb 17, 2009 03:00 PM

$25 for 2 -dinner challenge

$25 for 2 including tip. No alcohol (but a bonus if BYOB and no charge)...we can share a plate if the sizes will allow.

Obviously we are looking for those little hidden joints, cafes, taco stands, pho cafes. The decor will not be stellar and we are fine with that.

We are willing to travel. Boundries are - Hollywood to the East, Culver City to the South, Santa Monica to the West and we would go to Ventura Blvd if we had to for a Northern boundry.

We eat just about everything. Not big red meat eaters, but every now and again a burger is just what we need,

I welcome your suggestions

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You can do this at almost any korean restaurant in korea town. The fix in silver lake has a good turkey burger not red meat.

      1. falafal sandwiches at the hungry pocket on pico across the street from smc.
        you can also get fresh squeezed juice there.
        amazingly inexpensive.
        be SURE to taste some of their homemade picquante red sauce, it is the best in town.

        also, ask for your preference of bread: whole wheat pita or white. imho, the whole wheat tastes better.

        1. you can split the huge appetizer platter at shamshiri grill and you will actually have enough food for two for dinner.

          it is served with their hot-from-the-oven homemade flat bread.

          the platter is about $13 as i recall.

          1. everything at taqueria sanchez will meet your requirements--they are on centinela north of culver blvd (mar vista).
            they close early, though.