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Best won ton soup?

As a child we used to order won ton soup whenever we had Chinese food. The won tons were not slimy and over cooked , the noodle part had a bite to it like good ravioli pasta does. There were a few slices of abalone in it that we would fight over . Have not been able to find a good comparison in probably twenty years. Help!

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  1. When I was a kid, there was a Chinese restaurant in Encino on Ventura Blvd where they served sizzling won ton soup -- memories! Fried dumplings in soup. Yum-fest! Does anyone remember that restaurant?

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        Was it the place that used to be next to Amir's Falafel? I forgot the name but that place was a family favorite when I was growing up.

      2. Sorry no, my memories are of Ah Fongs, Wan Q, Trader Vicks and the Luau in Beverly Hills and surrounding area.

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          I know one thinks of Chinese for Won Ton soup, just recently I had the best and I mean the best won ton soup ever at a Thai spot called "Krua Thai" in North Hollywood on Sherman Way. For around $4-5.00 a huge bowl for 3-4 people with an amazing broth, plenty of wontons, pork, and chinese brocolli-try it and you'll agree-report back!


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            BBQ Unlimited on Sherman Way makes a really good wor won ton soup with all the goodies in it.

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              Just tried the won ton soup at Krua Thai. I'm sorry to say I did not like it . The broth had good flavor (a little heavy handed with the garlic). The won ton were slimy and the pork filling was tasty but rubbery hard. The pork slices were dry and difficult to chew. all and all not what I have been looking for ....thank you for the suggestion... but I will still keep searching..

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                I was going to just post that place! Happened to read a review and was in that area the other night and it was great - partcularly the won ton soup and Pad Thai Krua Thai (heck - while you are there). As for the soup, the vegetable was crunchy, the wonton chewy - not slimy - lots of roastes pork... very good. I second the rec.

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                No slimy, chewy wontons at Wonton Forest in Hacienda Heights. The perfectly cooked wontons are succulent. A burst full of flavor once you bite into it. I work pretty close but live about 30 miles away... It's worth the drive...

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                  Thank you for this suggestion....it sounds like this might be the place!

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                    delishdonna, the owner/cook of Wonton Forest is very friendly. If you wish to modify something, just let him know. He is working hard to please...and he is really into what he does.

              3. i love the wor won ton at fu's palace on pico.

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                  Thank you. I've eaten at Krua Thai a few times but never had the won ton soup. I will try it. Anything else you especially like from there?

                2. wonton forest in hacienda heights

                  crack chili sauce worth the drive alone

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                    I would go to Wonton Forest every day -- if I lived closer.
                    I especially love their wontons, so delicate...yet so substantial.
                    This is not a typical bowl of wonton soup; one can actually taste the fine ingredients and there is nothing artificial or funky going on.

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                      i actually prefer the chiu chow noodles w/said wontons.

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                        I always order their "dry" bowl with the noodles and the wontons; I top it with some of their spicy homemade chili sauce...the best!
                        I am sad when I can see the bottom of the bowl.

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                          Thanks for all the tips ...I'm definately going to try this place.

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                      A carton of his outrageous chili sauce is available to take away for $3. I suggest putting it in a small glass container and storing in the fridge. It's so addicting on so many things but it was best on my post thanksgiving turkey jook!

                      Wonton Forest
                      18230 Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748

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                        I'm also hooked on the chili sauce. I buy a container of the sauce almost every other week. Love it on some fried rice, pad thai.... Gives anything you put on a nice spicy and garlicky KICK!!!

                    3. Wor won ton soup at Paul's Kitchen downtown. Meal in itself and they have those fried noodles you can put in....definitely old school.

                      Paul's Kitchen
                      1012 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

                      1. Sam Woo BBQ on Valley Blvd. (x-street at 6th) in Alhambra.

                        1. Kim Tar on Valley has a good one for $4.95

                          1. For many years, I loved going to Har Lam Kee for their Won Ton Soup, located in SGV. I thought their wontons came close to the ones I loved at Mak's Noodles, located in Hong Kong and Vancouver, but in the last year, their soup base was so salty, I couldn't finish it. Recently, I decided to give it another try and it tasted like it's back on track.

                            1. delishdonna, where did you get wonton noodles with abalone? That's very unusual. And now, expensive. Are you sure it was real abalone? :p Actually, there is a lot of fake abalone out there.

                              Here are the makings of a good wonton noodle soup:
                              Wonton filling: shrimp, pork, dried ground pomfret.
                              Wonton size: small enough to easily fit in your mouth and you can eat it in one pop. And it should have fresh mouthfeel, no mushy.
                              Noodles: thin egg noodles dipped into a very large pot of rapidly boiling water, and the water should continue to rapidly boil after the noodle it placed in, and leave the noodles in for only a minute or so.
                              Broth: clear, flavorful, made with pork bones and dried shrimp.
                              Add a little bit of scallions and that's it. Maybe some gai lan (Chinese brocolli).

                              The winner for me is Sam Woo in San Gabriel, on Valley and Del Mar. Please note: not all Sam Woo's are created equal. Ipsedixit, above, mentions Sam Woo in Alhambra. I haven't been to that one in a long time, but that's a good Sam Woo.

                              I haven't been to Wonton Forest, but in posted pics, their wonton noodle looks like some weird ramen hybrid. They put egg and a slice of char siu in it? Sorry, but as I'm a wonton noodle purist, that is just horrifying.

                              I used to go to Har Lam Kee a lot bc it's more convenient than some other places, but as I recall, their wonton noodle was just not that great in that the wontons are way too big, and kind of mushy. I don't remember the broth too well, but recall it to not be very clear, and I think the noodles may have been a little bit overcooked.

                              The wonton noodle at Sunday Bistro in Alhambra is also good, but there's just way too much MSG in it. The one at Harbor Kitchen in Alhambra is not bad, if I don't want to put up with the wait at Sam Woo. Also, The Congee in Alhambra is pretty good, but the noodles I got were a little undercooked (could have been just that day), and their wontons are all shrimp, and I prefer to also have some pork in it.

                              Anyway, that's my 2 cents on one of my favorite topics, wonton noodles.

                              1. when i am sick, the only thing i want is wor won ton soup from Super Wok on Reseda Blvd & Ventura Blvd. it's clean, fresh and tasty. and it's the only thing that makes me feel better.

                                on the other hand, the Great Wall on Sherman Way is to be avoided at all costs. the quality has taken a nose dive the last few years. their won ton soup is vile. the broth is hot greasy water and the won tons are blah.

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                                  As a really sad FYI Wonton Forest is gone and has been replaced by a Verizon store...I weep for the chili sauce

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                                    I really liked Wonton Forest, the food, sauce and great owner. If anyone knows where he ends up - please post!