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Feb 17, 2009 02:15 PM

One day in Munich

I'm doing a European road trip with a friend this April, and we are going to have one lunch and one dinner in Munich. Any suggestions on where to go? We would probably want something mid-range,authentically German, and non-touristy. Thanks!

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  1. I am still dreaming about my roast pork breast with saurkraut and potato pancakes at the Weisse Brau Haus, along with their sublime beer right in the middle of Munich on Talstrasse which if one of the streets leaving Marianplatz, parallel to the gorgeous Rathaus. Underground stop in Marianplatz and walkable from the train station or tram stop nearby.

    I would have both lunch and dinner there and order the same thing. It was that good. And it is hard to find good German food outside Germany. So when in Munich, drinking beer and eating traditional German food seems like the best way to go.

    Yes, it is local .Yes, it is extremely well priced. Yes, it is hauntingly good .Hope you like pork. They also have saurbraten and other items -you can get their English menu online.

    See my post about the various beer halls and their menus posted a few months ago if you want to sample others.

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      Second Weisses Bräuhaus.
      It can be touristy, but it is a classic and after all, most of downtown Munich is touristy. The address -though it is a "street" is only "Tal".
      For your second meal just walk the streets around and trust your eyes.