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Feb 17, 2009 02:10 PM

Zinc Bistro a Vins

So, I went to Zinc Bistro a Vins (aka Zinc Bar and Restaurant), AGAIN...., Friday, February 13th. I took my mother and my niece for a pre-Valentine’s Dinner. We started with the beet salad (house salad) , lovely...and simple with red beets a very light vinegarette dressing topped with jullienned endive..., escargots “pastis” served in puff pastry- buttery almond sauce, wild mushroom and Morbier tart - Petite salad and a crock of la soupe à l'oignon (French Onion Soup). I’ve been here a couple times now and I always get the escargot and the French Onion Soup…excellent as always. My niece loved the mushroom tart as well as the FOS and the escargot (she’s 7 yrs old, has a very mature palate). For entrees, I had the Grilled Steak Frites, my mother had the whitefish and lobster risotto (special that evening), my niece ordered the petite size, rabbit stew and pasta. All dishes were wonderful! The steak was perfectly prepared (medium rare…closer to rare), the whitefish and lobster risotto, delicious…with generous chunks of lobster and perfectly prepared risotto, the fish was light and flavorful as well. The Rabbit, was so tender and prepared a Dijon style sauce and thick pasta (made fresh "paparadelle like"). The small size was large enough for a meal, I’m sure the entrée size would have been large enough for 2. For desert, we ordered the chocolate bread pudding (another favorite of mine) and the chocolate mousse...perfect closers to another excellent meal and wonderful dining experience. The service was excellent as always! Zinc Bistro a Vins is now one of my favorite dining destinations!

Zinc Bistro a Vins
246 S 11th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Zinc Bistro a Vins
Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia, PA

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  1. Love the review. We're going tonight with SylviaG and sigs. I'll report back.

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      joluvscards: wondering how your dinner was on 21FEB?

    2. I second the rave review of Zinc. My husband and I think that it's the perfect place for a cozy winter supper. As in so many French bistros, the specials are consistently the best food in the house. We had a delicious chicken wellington on our last visit - the duxelles couldn't be beat. We also particularly appreciate the unpretentious wine list - chalkboard style - and have never had a bad glass. It may be tempting to go a few blocks down and visit Naked Chocolate for dessert, but try Zinc's desserts first. Their chocolate tarte was divine. As to French bistros, there are so many imposters out there, but this is the real thing!

      1. I also went last night and enjoyed very much. Had the same rabbit stew as SpdRcr, my wife had the chicken Grand-mere (not quite a coq au vin) but still a wine sauce. Enjoyed the small sizes, which were plenty for us. They also allowed us to have charcuterie and poached egg starters and split a delicious apple tart.

        All round competent, enjoyable food, decent service. We always get sticker shock at the wine markups ($41 for a run of the mill Beajolais, not even -Villages) but we still came out feeling pretty positive about the place. Convenient to both the Walnut theatre and the ones on Broad St. (we were going to the Wilma).