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Feb 17, 2009 01:56 PM

Happy Wine-ing & Dining in Salt Lake City...YES, Salt Lake City, Utah

My husband and I took our 2 sons to Utah for skiing. We stayed in Salt Lake and rented a car for the 30 minute drive up to Alta. Great skiing!
However, after a long day on the slopes, where to eat? Where to drink?
Bambara, in the Hotel Monaco, is fine, but they have a tendency to serve "tall" food with lots of sauces and their wine list is either pedestrian, on the low end, or wildly over-priced. Excellent salads that had my 11-year-old begging for another bite of apple/walnut/radicchio!
Metropolitan is very good, but they seem to have lost a step since last year. Still they have a nice wine list and manage to turn out very good food that is adventurous without being prissy. We liked the buffalo a lot!
But where you NEED to go is...The Wild Grape. They serve excellent wines by the glass as well as bottles. The arugula salads rocked...with a yummy blue cheese fritter and poached pears slices. We loved the venison, the rack of lamb and artic char. And if you think you've had way too many half-baked-chocolate-cake things with squiggles of sauce on the plate....well, think again. This one had ZING! Literally. A "mole" sauce with hot pepper accompanied by a piece of peppery brittle made it jump. But the best part may have been the squiggles of salty, peppery caramel sauce. YUM.
I had a glass of Yalumba Late-harvest Viognier with some apple-cardamon cobbler, a very happy pairing!
Fellow Chowhounds, listen up! There are lots of restaurants that don't deserve to be in business. The Wild Grape deserves to be wildly successful. I don't live in Salt Lake City, but if I did, I'd beat a path to their door...and often!
BYT, it is on South Temple in an old building, shared with an outlet of Einstein's Bagels.

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  1. Salt Lake is covered under the Southwest board and has active posters and a lively restaurant scene . . . the mods will probably move this there.

    1. Thanks for the post. I'm heading to SLC next week and will put Wild Grape on our list (in addition to the obligatory trips to Mazza, Red Iguana and Martine, which are my favorites in SLC). Trying to narrow down the choice for the 5th dinner between: Faustina, Takashi, Paris Bistro, Fresco and Toscana. Any other ideas?

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        All good choices Randy, it really depends what you are in the mood for? I'm particularly fond of the Paris.


        1. re: ClevelandRandy

          Agreed. You've narrowed to choices to an excellent group. Of your finalists for the 5th dinner, I would say that Faustina, while good, doesn't rank in the same league as the others. Personally, I would select from Takashi and Cucina Toscana, both of which rank with the best restaurants across the nation.

          1. re: SheriffL

            If you haven't tried Settebello, you must put it on your list. I would rank it as one of my top 5 in SL. Thin Napoli style pizza. Love the Foccacia bread there too. My standanrd order there: Foccacia, hto out of the oven, with thier delicious olive oil, the Capriocosa pizza and the ensalata. SO good. Takashi would be my pick of the restaurants you listed. Love Takashi. The roll with thin lemon slices- forgot the name is my favorite, along with a bowl of any of their soups- love soba. Em's is a great choice, if you are looking for a quaint neighborhood restaurant close to the capitol, Ate that two weeks ago. Loved everything.

        2. I am happy to say that a return trip (one year after 1st visit) to The Wild Grape proved that the restaurant still has the right stuff going on! Way to go!

          the Wild Grape
          Salt Lake Sity, Utah, Salt Lake Sity, Utah