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Feb 17, 2009 01:49 PM

Bakeries/Pies in Brooklyn

My fiancé and I would rather serve fruit tarts and pies at our wedding than have one enormous wedding cake. Can anyone recommend any good bakeries in Brooklyn? I've already gotten in touch with Baked in Red Hook and Joyce in Park Slope. Would love to hear other recommendations.


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  1. Cheeks in Williamsburg is really good. My favorite is the lemon tart.

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      Cheeks is the best. Lemon tart IS amazing but I also bought a pear/apple pie there for Thanksgiving that was perfect. But I would also consider the former Two Little Red Hens (new name that I don't remember in Brooklyn) My sister bought her wedding cake at the Brooklyn location at it was the best thing to eat at her wedding but I've also had many of their pies/tarts from the one on the Upper East Side. Maybe try Sweet Melissas too. Their desserts are very pretty but tasty too.

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        Two Red Hens is now Ladybird Bakery on 8th Ave. between 11th and 12th. Same owner and baker, just a name change. The French Apple tart is delicious, as is the Raspberry Pear.

    2. Trois Pomme in Park Slope ?
      Would love to hear the results of your comparison shopping with Baked, Joyce, etc

      1. Just had an amazing coconut custard pie from Tres Pommes on 5th Ave. I've also had an excellent pumpkin they made.

        1. ALMONDINE, a French Bakery in DUMBO makes wonderful fruit tarts. Their specialty cakes are delicious as well.

          We are doing an Anniversary Party in the Spring, and I am planning a large Croquembouche as a piece montee centerpiece. Very traditional for weddings. A pyramid of Profiteroles filled with custard and glazed with molten caramel.. Ours will be for 50 .people.

          I have made one for 20 at home, but would rather leave it to them.

          1. That is exactly what we did for our wedding but we used Le Bergamot in Chelsea and everyone loved it