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Feb 17, 2009 01:48 PM

where do you think has the best creme brulee in Phoenix?

My Hub luvs creme brulee and I have not attempted to make it at home, anyway his b-day is this week and I wanted to take him to the best creme brulee HELP!!!

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  1. First, I am less a dessert fan, than most. However, I do enjoy a good creme brulee, and the best that I have experienced in PHX has been Vincent's. Most have not impressed me.


    Vincent On Camelback
    3930 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

    1. I believe it's part of the Mastro Family now but Drinkwater's Steakhouse on Camelback and Goldwater. They have a lovely creme brulee.

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      1. re: Leanne

        thanks both on the feedback. dedpending on where we go to dinner old town or central Phx I will prob take you up on drinkwaters rec

        or I am going to try tarbells right by home :) I am a fan of their cheesecake so I am hoping the brulee would be just as good.

        1. re: drewb123

          you could try j&g. nice ambiance out on the patio for a b-day.

          1. re: azhotdish

            soo funny that's where we are going tonight. I am looking forward to an incredible steak dinner. If they have creme brulee we are ordering it!

            1. re: drewb123

              I didn't try it, but my girlfriend Jen had the creme brulee at J&G when we went and she said it was excellent. From the menu, it says it's a lemon-vanilla creme brulee. Have a nice birthday celebration!

          2. re: drewb123

            I do not recall ever having Chef Mark's creme brulee, but everything else that I have had there has been very good. If you go, and try it, please report.


        2. Andrew's New American @ the Citrus Cafe (the citrus cafe under new ownership) has an absolutely perfect creme brulee.

          1. Not Phoenix specific, but I think Ruth's Chris does a fine creme brulee.

            While I've never been a fan of their steaks, any time I am at Ruth's Chris I am always inclined to save room for the creme brulee -- and I rarely ever have the room for dessert at a steakhouse.