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Feb 17, 2009 01:43 PM

North Conway Dinner

My wife and I will be hiking up Tuckerman with her parents and our young kids this weekend, then we're spending the night in North Conway.

Any recs for dinner for North Conway? In looking at some old posts, the White Mountain Cider Company and the Wildcat Tavern look good. Just wondering if there are any other suggestions--preferably in North Conway. Thanks...

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  1. Flatbreads Pizza in North Conway is great. Maestros and May Kelly's are also in North Conway.

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    1. re: Dairygold

      Stonehearst manor is really good. Good wood fired pizzas, excellent grilled meats and seafood.

    2. Last time I was up with the wife and kids we tried Moat Mtn. BBQ. I was shocked (pleasantly) by the quality of our meal. My wife got some type of seasoned chicken that was excellent. My son (3yr old) has a flatbread from the appetizer menu that was better than any pizza I've had in the past year. My daughter got the hamburger from the kid's menu that was among the best I've ever eaten and was easily large enough to meal for an adult. Her french fries were top notch as well. I was the only one who got BBQ. My shredded pork was good, but the mashed potatoes might have been the most memorable item on my plate. I mean that in a good way. The pork was fine, not great, but good. The potatoes, however, were fantastic. Even the garlic pickle that came with my wife's chicken was exceptional. I forgot to ask our waitress where they came from. The next day I bought a jar at Zeb's Country Store that were made just across the border in Maine (Micheal's maybe?) but they were not nearly as good. If anyone knows the brand Moat Mtn. uses please post for me.
      The other restaurant I always have a good meal at is Jonathan's seafood south of town. Not very fancy but it has never disappointed us. They have better lobster pie than the Maine Diner. Really.

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        I second Moat Mountain. Good food, beer and view and family-friendly!

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          Third Moat Mountain - stopped in for late lunch after skiing this weekend -
          Decent crab/corn bisque, but standout was the excellent peppercorn-encrusted burger, perfectly cooked to medium rare and a huge pile of Cajun-spiced fries - at $9, an absolute steal. Friend had the Texas-style brisket - proclaimed it excellent - but really LOVED the cole slaw (and he's not a cole slaw lover) due to its relative absence of mayo - that's what makes a good slaw in my book too.

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            Just to throw a wrench at Moat Mountian, had a very forgetttable meal there on Saturday night, the place was not all that busy (no wait for a party of 7)but the service was horrible, waitress acted like she was just waiting to punch out ( and we are a very fun and generous group to serve), the food wasn't horrible but we had a much better lunch at the Muddy Moose. The beer was good, but all in all we will not return!

        2. Your hiking Tuckerman in February? You my friend are hardcore.

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            mkel34....uh...I'm not hardcore. What am I getting myself into that I don't know about?

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                That's a VERY strenuous hike even in perfect conditions ... which is never the case in February. My parents live up that way and report that even at lower elevations they've had 14" of new snow over the last three days ... on top of an existing base of several feet. Don't make the mistake of assuming that just because there is little/no snow on the ground in your backyard that you will find the same up in the mountains!

                I've hiked seven of New Hampshire's 4,000-footers and hiked 45 miles in the White Mountains over six days last summer ... so I consider myself moderately hardcore. I wouldn't consider hiking Tuckerman's at this time of year.

                Be careful -- and please post to let us know when you are safely back!

                TM (off-topic but genuinely alarmed)

                1. re: tunamelt

                  Just to add something to this, I am not much of a hiker. My husband does a winter overnight trip at Tucks in March every year. We are going up there this weekend to bury his food for next weekend.

                  I have done the hike twice. Now, I am not doing the entire thing. Just up to the shelters. Yes, it is difficult but with snowshoes it is not impossible. Go with someone who knows where they are and what they are doing. I definitely don't recommend with kids.

                  To get back to the chow, I am looking for a rec for a place that does take out in North Conway. We will be staying in a hotel with our dog so no eating out. Any recs?

                  1. re: emmyru

                    I do take-out in N. Conway when I have my dogs with me too. I really like Maestro's. I think they may have recently moved, but are in the Main St. area. Their food is good, prices are great, and they'll pack anything to go. I love their kielbasa and sauerkraut sandwich, and they have some really good salads and Italian entrees.
                    I also like the bakery in Jackson Center (there is only one, sorry i don't remember the name) They do great sandwiches on fresh baked bread, have nice baked goods and good coffee.