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Feb 17, 2009 01:36 PM

Melbourne and Sydney Child Friendly with Great Food?!?

Hello Foodies,

First of all to all the Aussies on the board I wanted to express my heartfelt best wishes to all who are impacted by the terrible wild fires north of Melbourne. It is very sad to hear that 200 have already passed and I feel horrible about traveling to visit when you are going through such a crisis.

My wife is going to be in a wedding in Melbourne, so we will be visiting for a couple weeks in Sydney and Melbourne. Would you be so kind as to recommend any child friendly treats? I am open to everything from hole-in-the-walls to gourmet. My number 1 is palate and kid-friendly (I have a 1 year old traveling with us).

Thank you so much for your help and best wishes.


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  1. hi there,
    yes the fires have been terrible but the best thing to do may be spending your tourist dollars..Central melbourne has not been affected. I would not plan to visit some outlying places such as marysville or kinglake.
    it depends what you like. I only know Melbourne, and I would say that most places, except for those too designer are happy to have kids, especially if you can be in at 6 and out by 7.30.
    also melbourne is very spread out, it most likely will depend on where you are staying as too what places will work for you. I'll list some and let me know what you need more detail on
    laksa- little place in shopping mall in the CBD, get a number, and park the pram in the walkway great for lunch
    italian- journal cafe or canteen are pretty relaxed and have great simple dishes,
    if the weather is good melbourne has some of the loveliest parks ( thats if we get some rain ) which are perfect for a picnic with provisions from the vic market
    yum cha, so noisy no one notices if your child is less than impressed. try red emporer at southbank
    cafe at end of north rd brighton. standard food but opposite a little playground and a beach walk thats perfect for the pram

    1. The best thing you can do is still come - and spend your money! Tourist dollars will really help,
      Speaking from Sydney - it really is much like Melbourne, with one small child you could eat in most places, but aim to go early.
      The cafes in Bronte are perfect for kids, for lunch or dinner, with the park and beach right in front - better than Bondi with a little one.

      1. There is an excellent and recent thread on eating out with littlies in Sydney:

        1. thankyou cheap eats, my grandparents lost there house but there still here so thats good!
          as for child friendly eateries i can only help in melbourne, and since childhood wasn't thay long ago for me (i'm 17) i have a bit of expierience-

          -Tiamos on ligon st carlton is friendly and kids will love the pasta pizza etc.
          -the mule in brunswick is a favourite for breakfast brunch and have high chairs and changeing faicilities (also last time i went gorgeuos baby sized muffins too cute!)
          -izo a japanese retaurant that has good sushi and noodles is great i forget which street but its right in the city around the corner from flinders station so if you see it try it.
          -the food courts in melbourne i think are really good high quality, the myers food hall is great for lunch and they have change room facilities.
          -the vegetarian restaraunt oppostie brunnetes in carlton is a nice place for dinner its a yellow victorian looking building they are very welcoming to children (my cousins are one and three and loved the food)
          -for that matter brunettes although usually really busy is a must for cannoli which i remeber along with tirimisu to be my favourite as a kid

          hope that helps a little have fun melbourne rules!
          hope that helps