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Feb 17, 2009 01:14 PM

Feta Cheese in Toronto

Where is there decent, reasonably-priced feta? Have a name of a producer and /or retailer?

I guess reasonably-priced is around $20/kg. I'd like to buy it 500g or so at a time

Most of the feta I see is made in Canada - I love to buy domestic cheese - but its all horrible. the cow milk product is completely without taste and at times brutally salty. The goat's milk feta is often tastier/sharper but also crazy salty. Watering down the brine does de-salinate it but seems to de-taste and de-texture it as well.

I have tried Krinos, tre-stella, woolwich and most commercial producers. Mostly I am looking in supermarkets.

Okay, I have avoided Alex Farms, cheese boutique and other high-end retailers - its feta for goodness sake.

Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Check out on Torbram Road the company name on the web site is --- Triple A Cheese Company. 7210 Torbram Rd, Mississauga, ON, Canada

    Phone: (905) 678-7053

    I have yet to find time to check out product/availability, etc. I caught their ad on the Macedonian TV show --- and I do not understand Macedonian,m actually only English --------- just was lucky enough to live in Toronto when it did have a real Macedonian Restaurant a la " Geneva ", or " Europe ", or " Constantantinople ", or " Macedonian Village ", International ", etc. They are all gone, a lost cuisine!!! The Triple A company has a new Macedonian Feta as they advertise on the show, plus much more!! Get Macedonian sausage at D & S Meats or the St. Lawrence Market. I am Toronto born of Ukrainian/Polish heritage!!!

    1. If you are in Scarborough, try Nasr's foods on Lawrence/Warden area. They have a good bulgarian feta in a tub in the brine or at the counter. That is where I get mine when I am in the city

      1. Greek House Market on Danforth and Serano on Pape stock several different fetas, and their prices are pretty reasonable. You might also find the IGA on the Danforth has more types of feta than your average grocery store.

        I'm sure you could also find good feta at Ararat on Avenue Rd north of Lawrence, although I haven't bought any there.

        If you end up with a salty feta, you could try soaking the feta in milk just before serving or using, to take out some of the salt.

        1. Generally St. Lawrence Market is the place to go for these kind of searches... good prices and selection!

          1. Are there any really good Ontario fetas? They are using more goat's milk now, since there is no expensive, exclusive quota as in cow's milk.
            I have always liked the green canned 1 kg fetas from Bulgaria, usually at Nasr or Highland Farms fro about $17/kg.
            The 3kg tubs from Ontario are running to $25/kg in the big box places. They are now using goats and cows milk.

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              Ewenity Dairy has an excellent feta, made in Ontario. The Bzikot family's products are available at a few independent grocers and butcher shops, as well as from the Ewenity/Best Baa Farms stalls at St. Lawrence (Saturday) and Dufferin Grove farmers' markets year-round and other farmers' markets during regular market season.

              Monforte Dairy makes a good one, too, but I don't know if Ruth Klahsen has any product left. If she does, you'll find her at the St. Lawrence North Market and at the Wychwood Green Barn market, both on Saturdays. She's closed down her operation for a year and is raising money through a unique CSA-based program, "Monforte Renaissance," in order to raise enough capital to build a new facility.