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Feb 17, 2009 01:12 PM

looking for really good Banana/Banana ricotta tart desserts

A friend and I had the caramelized banana ricotta tart at balthazar for dessert. It was amazing, we liked it so much we are now seeking more banana or caremalized banana ricotta tart type of desserts.

Anyone have any recommendations were we can find a really good dessert like this?

also, balthazar used a banana ice cream with the dessert, does anyone know where i can get this same ice cream? by any chance....

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  1. re: the ice cream, ask the restaurant if they make it in-house. if not, they might be willing to tell you whose they use. which reminds me, i need to find out about the banana ice cream at the BLT's fantastic.

    1. No ricotta but the banana tart with caramel and macadamia brittle is to die for at Union Square Cafe

      1. They had banana ice cream on the side of a banana ricotta tart?
        I think a piece of my tiny brain just blew up.

        1. Payard has a nice banana tart.
          Great banana cake and cream pie at Billy's Bakery. Blue Smoke also makes a good banana cream pie.
          I've had good banana gelato at Otto and L'Arte del Gelato.
          I've also had some good banana desserts at Red Cat.

          1. Banana cake and cookie at Momofuku milk bar.