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Feb 17, 2009 12:53 PM

Best Buffalo Chicken Pizza?

Who makes the best buffalo chicken pizza in Cambridge/Boston? Desperate craving... Upper Crust which is my usual go to for pizza says the chicken on theirs is breaded - yuck!

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  1. Not my favorite pizza style but I recall Stella's Pizza in Watertown (just next door to Cambridge) does a nice version on a thin Italian crust. Description from their menu is below. 605 Mt Auburn Street.

    "White diced chicken marinated in a spicy buffalo sauce, chunky blue cheese dressing and 3 blends of cheese"

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      Waterfront Cafe in the North end has a really good one.

    2. Viga (155 Pearl Street in Downtown Boston) has Buffalo Chicken Pizza one or two days per week for lunch by the slice. You should call them to confirm that they have it before you go (617-482-1112). I do not know how good their BCP is, but in general their pizza is pretty good.

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        I'd have to second Viga. This pizza is a favorite at my office when we order pizza and its fairly spicy. Outside of Boston, my favorite would have to be Antonio's in Amherst. Really delicious!

      2. Your question doesn't seem to admit the possibility that breaded chicken could be used in the best buffalo chicken pizza.

        But my favourite is City Slicker Cafe's on Somerville Ave in Somerville and it uses breaded chicken.

        The Upper Crust's is very good too, but not a close second by any means.

        1. Are you willing to travel to Somerville? B likes the version from Pini's in Magoun Square. Order a whole pie well-done.

          1. Salvatore's on the south boston waterfront does has the best I've had. The chicken is not breaded, the red onions are cooked down a bit and cooked into the cheese not just placed on top plus there is blue cheese melted into the normal cheese blend.

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              I've had the Buffalo Chicken pie at Salvatore's and thought it was excellent (not breaded chicken too). My kid and her friends ordered it, and I somehow managed to get two slices of it. I'm not a big fan of non-traditional toppings, but that pie was memorable.