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Feb 17, 2009 12:35 PM

Beef Steak Suggestions in Toronto?

I would appreciate suggestions for beef steak here in the G.T.A.
The budget would be about $50/person including sides and maybe an appetizer but before alcohol, tip and tax.

As a starter, a friend recommended 'Place For Steak & Sea Food' at Bathurst and Sheppard.
We walked in and quickly walked out because the atmosphere seemed depressing (in the afternoon when it was empty).
However, we are willing to try the restaurant again if the concensous is that the food is terrific.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. There are many threads about this topic on the Board already, which use of the search engine will direct you to.

    One aspect of consensus (nb spelling) amidst a diversity of opinions is that your budget is low for quality steak in Toronto. However, for old-fashioned Senior's at Yonge and Pleasant Blvd (1 S of St Clair) is toothsome and just within your reach financially; while many Hounds speak highly of the Keg (especially York St or Mansion locations) for this price point; however, even there you will have to be careful how you order to stay within budget. If you are chain-minded, my own preference would be Canyon Creek, though I prefer its pork chop to its beef.

    If you can go up to $100 a head then pretty well any steak house in the city could be your choice, again with careful ordering. House of Chan, Barberian's, Ruths Chris, Tom Jones are all houses of fine beef which won't let you down.

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    1. re: Bigtigger

      I second Canyon Creek for the price point.

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        Yes, I have been to Ruths Chris about a half dozen times in the past and I have really enjoyed it.
        However, I am trying to reduce the budget.

        1. re: allanc

          I'll admit that "The Place for Steak & Seafood" may be depressing in the afternoon BUT you can barely get in on the weekend, say Friday & Saturday evenings (have never been during the weeknights)'s not really an 'afteroon/lunch' spot. The place has good steaks,BBQ Ribs, salmon, good 'fish' (stuffed sole(?) I think it's quite old school in the 'waiter' department ,usually very capable, the prix fixe is a reasonably good deal but the side salad is iceberg etc and dessert is a joke ,so unless you want the whole nine yards I'd pass on the set price....very good value, steaks done to 'your' request etc. Warning: It is really a multi-generational place so you can expect a pretty loud atmospshere and I don't mean the music!
          I like it and used to go at least once a month with the "in-laws' for many years...haven't been in about 3 years 'tho....

      2. I seem to end up at 'The Place For ..." about once a year or so with family who've been going for years. It's like visiting your grandparents house for supper with catered food and weird wait staff. If you go with a light attitude, you'll find the waiters entertaining in a droll way. I usually get some kind of steak which is always ok, but nothing special. Appetizers, sides, and desserts are not worth the effort of eating.

        In a totally different style, I went to Allen's on the Danforth for the first time today. They're currently having a steak festival and the prices would be just within your limits. Every steak comes identified by farm, animal breed, feeding regimen and aging details. Since I went specifically to try the freshly ground burger, I didn't get to try the steaks this time but I sure was tempted. Staff is well informed, attentive but not hovering. The burger was fantastic, but the fries were dull and soggy.

        I've searched the archives here for reviews of Allen's steaks, but can't find much. Most posts are praising the burger, so it would be great to hear from anyone who's had a steak there and their opinion.

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        1. re: torontovore

          The steaks are from Cumbrae's, are they not?

          1. re: torontovore

            I've had steak at Allen's a few times and always enjoyed it. Yes they often have meat from Cumbrae's. I'll be going this saturday for the steak festival. They do the festival every year around february. For a couple of weeks they offer a huge selection of steaks from different farms. This year they are featuring some Irish beef. They also have Kobe. Prices range from 30 to 80 dollars. Its my first time going for the steak festival, very excited! I'll let you know how it goes

            1. re: haggisdragon

              Just went to Allen's for a drink and stumbled into Steak Fest. Have been to all the nice steakhouses in T.O. and honestly the meal tonight ranked in my top 5. Normally not a big Cdn wine fan but the owner came by the table, picked a bottle to suit our steak (Magnotte '04 Enotrium) was fantastic. Steak was perfectly cooked and then the owner bought and shared a bottle of dessert wine with us. Food, service, wine all rank among the best I've had.

              1. re: haggisdragon

                Also if you're interested in trying out a vast scotch or beer menu there's no better place in T.O.. Next door is Dora Keogh which is owned by the same place and it's a great place to have a Guiness, listen to music and relax after a great dinner at Allen's.