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Feb 17, 2009 12:31 PM

good indian restaurant in woodbridge/vaughan?

i work near Vaughan Mills mall and am looking for a good indian restaurant in the area (within 10min drive). have tried a place in one of the vaughan mills plazas (bordering the southside of rutherford) and it wasn't that great. also went to one in a strip mall on jane a few blocks north of rutherford, and that too was disappointing. does anyone know if there are good indian restaurants around this area? buffet/AYCE is optional, the group i eat with also would do a la carte. thanks!

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  1. On/Off Topic, but that area is really not conducive to Indian fare. I believe you mentioned a place with AYCE, probably the name Hollywood in it's name next to a dental office, yes -- barely OK, if that! The places north of Rutherford off Jane are also not so great. There is a Tandoori Time there ( as per the great ones in Missisauga and Albion Rd. ) but lack of business in that isolated access certainly does not help!

    Indian food in that proximity, I cannot direct you to! I think not close!!!

    I suggest that you carefully check out my recent posting of the Mexican La Taquizza only 30 seconds away from the Indian Buffet I believe you tried; and as I mentioned, they have a Tues. to Fri. buffet $11.95! I am sure you will be well cared for, the salsa bar explained, etc. Hector's authentic Mexican cooking comes from his Mother in the kitchen, expect very easy and enjoyable food, not Tex Mex, not all what you might expect, just great food, Mexican, Mexican cook!!!!!!!!!! Check out the La Taquizza thread!

    For Indian food, although a large population there, is not much of an interesting territory!

    1. Hey, try Ambrosia. On Weston Rd. They are pretty new but food is awesome. its 8655 weston rd.