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Feb 17, 2009 12:30 PM

Issues with white chocolate ganache

This past weekend I set out to make some chocolate truffles for Valentine's Day. The dark chocolate and milk chocolate ganache both set up fine after I hit them with my immersion blender, but the white chocolate ganache stayed soupy and non-ganache-like. I'm guessing that it had something to do with the percentage of cacao in the chocolate, but I'm not sure. Has anyone else had similar problems? Is there a (home kitchen) way to get the white chocolate ganache to set up firm enough to roll into truffle form, or should I just stick with dark chocolate (and to a lesser extent, milk chocolate) from here on out for truffle making purposes?

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  1. You are correct with your guess on white chocolate. It has none of the chemical properties that the milk chocolate and dark chcolate have. I would stay away from the whtie cchcolate for the truffles.

    1. What was the amount of cocoa butter/solids in your white chocolate? The highest amount of cocoa butter/solids is 36%, which Lindt does make. Adding some butter to the white chocolate may help, I would never use an immersion blender with white chocolate, too much movement going on with an immersion blender. A wooden spoon will do the job.

      1. There's white chocolate and then there's white chocolate. I've found that Guittard 's and Callebaut's melt the best. Be sure not to overheat it. It needs to be several degrees cooler than milk and dark.

        1. You can use white chocolate. If you want it to set for a truffle ganache, I just found out you have to use twice the amount of chocolate. I have had the same frustration as you with the white chocolate and then I tried it last night with double the chocolate for a key lime truffle and it worked wonderfully. You are correct about the percentage of cocoa too. :) Hope this helps.