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Feb 17, 2009 12:25 PM

The New Chef at Le Petit Castor... going to be Rodney Bowers, of Rosebud and CItizen.


Good fit for style of joint and cheffing abilities, I think.

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  1. I heard that before Christmas too.
    But I thought he was only 'consulting' on the menu.

    1. But will they let him in the door, hahahaha?

      1. Ha anyone been here recently? How was the food?

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        1. re: foodyDudey

          I was just there last night. The special, wild boar ribs, were amazingly tender and flavourful. A couple of people at my table ordered the coq au vin which looked terrific as well. Our reservation was for 915pm. The place was packed when we left at just after midnight.

          From what I could tell, the dishes can be hit or miss, but no complaints on my end. I thought we had an excellent server.

          If someone is looking to have a conversation over dinner, this is probably not your place. The music is loud.

          1. re: foodyDudey

            My mac and cheese was surprisingly good. My friend's grilled salmon was average at best, and the portion was tiny, 3, maybe 4 ounces. Expensive salmon considering the $20plus price tag. The same friend ordered the grilled salmon on the lunch menu at Patachou. Patachou served her twice as much, for less than half the price.

            If you have to dine at LPC, the trick is to stick with caker basics, if you ask me.

            RIP Thai Magic.

          2. Ate here on Friday night for the first time. We arrived at about 830 without a reservation, and although we did have to stand at the door for what seemed like forever before being greeted, we were then seated promptly.
            Service was pretty consistently slow from then on, although charmingly friendly. We were comped the Angels on Horsebacks because they took forever to come out, and I liked them but my partner wasn't thrilled with the strong rocquefort. I had the cassoulette, which was really tasty and comforting, presented in a little cast iron pot. Lots of ham and duck confit, and a nice breadcrumb topping. Partner had moules frites, which arrived without a bowl for shells, and were pretty average. Warning - the roast chicken takes at least 25 minutes, as the table next to ours found out, but I think they had to wait a lot longer.
            Overall, I liked the room and vibe (not too loud, but lively), and the food was passable, but service could use some improvement.

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            1. re: sgogo

              It seems like Angels on Horseback is there signature dish. I really enjoyed them when I was there last. Doesn't sound like the menu has changed at all.

            2. Has anyone been to lpc recently? There aren't any reviews past early 2009

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                1. re: bacon

                  I went a few weeks back. The food was pretty good - nothing spectacular. Everyone enjoyed their food - which is good among my picky friends.

                  1. re: MeMeMe

                    Does this place still have a rep for being snobbish?

                    1. re: Brain of J

                      I thought that changed into a rep for being a cougar bar, a step above the chick`n`deli (squab`n`deli perhaps)