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Feb 17, 2009 12:11 PM

Okay to freeze pesto?

I made a batch of homemade pesto last night and only used half. Is it okay to freeze what's left? Thanks.

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  1. freeze it in a ice cube tray. when it's froze, transfer to a plastic bag. individual doses! best to do at the end of the summer when the basil is local and fresh.

    1. sotto olio, works good, too.

      1. It should be fine for a month or so - after that, the olive oil tends to get a tad fishy tasting. In the future, if you want to save the garden greatness, freeze the mixture before adding the oil.

        1. Freezing works well, though I've noticed that the basil can turn sort of a dismal green (toward the brown side) if frozen.

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            I do it daily for work. (we do a lot of pasta) Just remember that the colour and some of the subtlies fade with age. Enjoy!