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Feb 17, 2009 12:03 PM

Lunch in the ATL area

I'm fairly new to the Atlanta area, and my husband and I are wanting to get a fabulous lunch out this weekend. Was wondering if anyone could recommend a really stellar restaurant for lunch? Thanks!

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  1. Depends on what you are looking for I suppose and how much you want to spend, but I have had two great lunches at JCT Kitchen.

    1. Agree with rcburli. Atlanta isn't a small southern town... the options are endless. Where are you? How much? Any specific food types? Price limits?

      1. Mary Macs Tea Room is fantastic. It has southern flair, the food taste great, and it's affordable. Web site is

        1. Roswell has some great lunch places and so does Decatur. Star Provisions is an awesome place to go pick up some food. Taqueria de los Hermanos is wonderful and is in Tucker. Just depends on what you are in the mood for.

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            You're right - all of Atlanta has some great lunch spots. That's part of the problem here, the question is far too broad.

            This is the only post by a first timer, so I'm pretty positive we're not going to get much feedback and clarification on the questions I've posted above...

          2. Geez, Sorry, I've been busy!

            Live in Gwinnett area, my husband and I are looking to go out to celebrate an anniversary, but are preferring to try to keep it a little less expensive by doing lunch. Would like something pretty nice, not just a hit and run, casual place.

            I have a more adveturous palette than he does, but he doesn't mind experimenting. Looking for something more new american, potentially with southern influences.

            I checked out all the star proviosions places, and none of them seem to be open for lunch, unless your referring to the market.

            Don't mind driving to Buckhead area, or comparable distance, as long as the food is worth it!

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              Glad to see you made it back.

              Personally, I think you're approaching this the wrong way. If you're looking for something "pretty nice" for an anniversary meal and you're considering the Star Provisions restaurants, I'd strongly suggest just waiting for dinner. In reality, how much are you really going to be saving?

              Let's say a nice restaurant does both lunch and dinner: Lunch entrees are usually a little bit smaller, and they are typically priced about $2 or $3 less than a dinner entree. So my suggestion is, spend the extra $6 and have yourself a nice dinner. If it gets you acquainted with the city, I'd be willing to hand over the $6 for you! ;-) For dinner, I think you're right on track to visit any of the Star Provisions spots.

              If you REALLY can't handle dinner, try MF Sushi for lunch.

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                What about a nice Sunday brunch, like Babettes or Canoe?
                And you beat all the traffic.

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                  HaagenDazs, I completely agree. However we have small children, and life is just easier if we can be home to put them to bed, thus the lunch request. Plus we do get to save a few dollars.

                  rcburli, I have a meeting on Sunday, so brunch is out, but thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't heard of Canoe, and that looks very intriguing, I'll have to keep that in mind for the future!

                  Thanks for everyone's help, I realize I'm kind of asking the impossible, but there are some good ideas I'll have to check out!

                  1. re: ktsue510

                    I hear ya. I still think MF Sushi is a good bet. There's also Fritti which is kind of the laid back sister of Sotto Sotto. Lunch is a hard time to get a good mix of mid-upscale dining and time of day. Most people reserve the expense and time for the dinner hour. Good luck!



                    1. re: ktsue510

                      Thanks for everyone's help! I think we might give Antica Posta a try.