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Feb 17, 2009 12:01 PM

1900% tax increase on Oregon beer

Read it and weep:

It works out to an increase of $1.50/pint which is pretty significant.

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  1. I know. This is unacceptable.

    1. I assume you both live in Oregon? With their being no sales tax and with any ballot measure (outside the Portland area) that raises property tax generally being doomed, this is probably just a sign of things to come. We have a home in Southern Oregon. The library closed over a year and a half ago and just partially reopened with a private foundation running it and raising money. The sheriff's dept. had a levy defeated in November and will likely close the jail and layoff most employees. Only crimes like murder will be investigated. I don't say it's right but how are services going to get paid for?

      I also wonder if Oregon is 49th, would the increase make them in the top 10?

      1. Nothing to weep about until it becomes law. I'm sure there is plenty of activity on the part of brewers to temper or eliminate this.

        1. Looks like Idaho has somwthing in the works as well, but not as steep as Oregon.

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          1. re: enbell

            Interestingly, there's a movement toward decreasing the federal beer tax, although I'll believe that when I see it!

          2. The people will get it on the ballet and vote it out. Oregonians have voted down a sales tax nine times. Time to vote down a beer tax. Politicians just don't get it.

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            1. re: duck833

              Uh, maybe the citizens don't get it. Services have to be paid for. How are they going to be paid for in Oregon with no money? If an alcohol tax funds programs for alcohol and drug programs, doesn't that seem appropriate? Where is the money going to come from otherwise?

              1. re: c oliver

                Where did the money come from prior to the tax? It's part of the emerging pattern in the US that while citizens have to make do with less, the government spends more. A big problem with this type of tax is they're counting on "X" amount of dollars to be generated by it, but don't figure in the decreased sales from the tax. In the end it's only going to punish Oregon brewers who will face a tougher time selling their product because their competitors outside the state don't have to pay the same tax. Bottom line is it's unwise to put a huge tax on a product with an elastic demand.

                1. re: JohnE O

                  And it acts as a deterrent to new breweries that want to open in Oregon and provide jobs to people. Not to mention it could affect the jobs of current breweries of course. Which all hurt the state economy. Why don’t they just pick on cigarettes like everybody else. :D