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where to buy guanciale in nyc?

I'd like to make Bucatini all'Amatriciana for dinner tomorrow but have no idea where I can get guanciale (or pancetta if need be) by the pound. I really don't need a lot, just a slice or two. Are there any places in Manhattan that will definitely have it?

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  1. I would call Italian Wine Merchants on E. 16th Street (212.473.2323). They run the salumeria for Babbo and s/b able to tell you where to get it.

    1. DiPalo's in Little Italy will definitely have it/them.

      1. Di Paolo's Fine Foods in New York 200 Grand Street (212) 226-1033 - Little Italy.

        D&D, broadway.

        http://www.salumeriabiellese.com/inde..., 8th av.


        1. BierKraft in Park Slope carries it for sure, I've bought it there twice. Not in Manhattan obviously, but if youre desperate. Plus, great beer selection :)

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            Blue Apron in Park Slope carries it as well; I pity Manhattan-dwellers for their lack of decent mom-and-pop cheese and charcuterie shops.

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              Hmm, love DiPaolo's but it maybe a bit out of the way. Also, I think Salumeria Biellese only sells large pieces if I read right on their website.

            2. I recently saw it at one of the purveyor's in the Grand Central Marketplace. Sorry, can't remember the name, but it was on the right as you walked from the inside towards Lex. Also, at Agata Valentina on the UES if that's better for you.

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                Murray's Salami at GC definitely carries it.

              2. Isn't Hog Jowl a close cousin? You might be able to find that, at much lower prices.

                If not locally, I think Berger's Smokehouse will mail order them

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                  salumeria rosi on the UWS has it....i bet the murray's cheese salami place has to...

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                    I think that Hog Jowl is uncured - the guanciale is cured. I usually buy mine on Arthur Avenue, but as other posters have mentioned, Di Palo carries it. I'm pretty sure that Citarella does not, fwiw.

                  2. might be too late now but i'm pretty sure dean & deluca in soho has it. it might not be the cheapest place but they have a great selection of italian meats.

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                      Salumeria Rosi should work. I'll check it out during lunch today. Thanks everyone.

                    2. Salumeria Biellese on 29th and 8th has an amazing selection. They actually produce all natural, no preservatives, 100% berkshire charcuterie. They sell wholesale to most restaurants in the city, but I'm sure you could snag a piece.

                      1. Buon Italia in Chelsea Market.

                        Buon Italia
                        75 Ninth Avenue
                        New York, NY 10011

                        1. Murray's Salami in the Grand Central market has it. You have to buy it buy the whole of half piece; a whole is about 3/4 pound, a half about 3/8.

                          1. Murray's at Grand Central, Fairway on the West Side, Eli's on 2nd Ave on the UES as well as the Vinegar Factory.

                            1. Todaro Bros in Murray Hill

                              1. Biellese's is probably the best guanciale I've bought in a store. It'll cost you somewhere around $18-20 for a jowl, but it keeps really well. Not that it needs to because you'll start putting it in everything.

                                Do let us know how Rosi's is. I (and probably many other CHers) haven't tried it yet...