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Feb 17, 2009 11:57 AM

where to buy guanciale in nyc?

I'd like to make Bucatini all'Amatriciana for dinner tomorrow but have no idea where I can get guanciale (or pancetta if need be) by the pound. I really don't need a lot, just a slice or two. Are there any places in Manhattan that will definitely have it?

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  1. I would call Italian Wine Merchants on E. 16th Street (212.473.2323). They run the salumeria for Babbo and s/b able to tell you where to get it.

    1. DiPalo's in Little Italy will definitely have it/them.

      1. Di Paolo's Fine Foods in New York 200 Grand Street (212) 226-1033 - Little Italy.

        D&D, broadway., 8th av.


        1. BierKraft in Park Slope carries it for sure, I've bought it there twice. Not in Manhattan obviously, but if youre desperate. Plus, great beer selection :)

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            Blue Apron in Park Slope carries it as well; I pity Manhattan-dwellers for their lack of decent mom-and-pop cheese and charcuterie shops.

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              Hmm, love DiPaolo's but it maybe a bit out of the way. Also, I think Salumeria Biellese only sells large pieces if I read right on their website.