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Feb 17, 2009 11:44 AM

Il Mulino - any good?

Have always wanted to go. is it a red sauce place, or classier? Super expensive or moderate?

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    1. It's very pricey. I thought the food was good, but the place was pretty stuffy. I guess it's just not really my style. But my husband had a gift card from a colleague, so we went. It was more than $200 for the two of us (I don't remember the total, but we had to pay more than the gift card) and that was without my entree, which I sent back because it was WAY too salty. I guess I was glad I went once, but don't think I would ever go back.

      1. For what its worth one of the guys I work with loves it. And I have seen pics of some of their dishes and it looks good. But I think there are many better options with a more inventive menu. Zagat seems to like it though seeing it was one of the highest rated restaurants with a 27. Best Italian with Babbo.

        1. The vibe is more old school Italian than contemporary, also.

          1. Il Mulino is by far my favorite Italian restaurant in the city or anywhere else. Huge portions, amazing food, great atmosphere. It's pricey but very worth it, IMO.