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Feb 17, 2009 11:37 AM

dinner for teenage boys in times square

I will have 2 13 year old boys at the New Vic on a Sunday. They are from upstate so I'd like to give them dinner NYC style. They aren't large (yet) so I don't know that a deli would be a hit. I was thinking Virgil's maybe. Any thoughts? We can walk but I don't want to get too far from where we park (long drive home.)
Thank you in advance!

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  1. I'm sure they'll like about Johns for serious NYC pizza?

    1. I think Virgils is a great idea!

      It has really good food, that they aren't likely to get upstate, it's not too formal and it's smack in the middle of all the action!

      But I have to say - we took my sister-in-law and her kids there on a Saturday night and it was a HUGE mistake - we thought they would love it, but we ended up waiting WAY too long for our table and the kids were falling asleep my advice is to get a table early!

      another idea is Ruby Foos - my 15 year old step son LOVES it there and he feels very grown up and posh when we take him there! (Thier food is decent too!)

      Good luck!

      1. Maybe Carmine's or Tony Di Napoli?

        Those places would probably seem like the 'New York Experience' to two teenage boys.

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          Try Havana Central in the west 40s. Cool, tropical atmosphere and decent food (with something for everyone)

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            Thanks to all. We'll try John's or Havana Central.

        2. I send lots of people to 5 napkin burger

          1. You could walk a couple of blocks west to 9th Ave. and choose from a number of really good and reasonable ethnic places (Mexican, Thai, Italian, etc.) that I think would be fun for a couple of 13-year-old boys. Much less expensive than the actual theater district and I doubt you would need a reservation for most. Search this board for "Hell's Kitchen."

            BTW: I ate at Havana Central recently and it was awful -- food, service, and incredibly noisy and crowded. VERY touristy.