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Feb 17, 2009 11:37 AM

Best low-to-mid-range eatery in Hell's Kitchen?

there's a slew of average thai places but does anyone know anywhere that's actually good?

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  1. My favorite in the neighborhood is Chili Thai
    Non-thai picks include Hummus Kitchen, Azuri and Afghan Kebab House

      1. re: chubette

        Puttanesca is very average and has consistently poor service. I gave up on this place years--I would never return.

      2. I'm not sure if you are only looking for Thai, but here's a few of my favorites in the area (not thai-specific):

        Pam Real Thai, El Centro, Puttanesca, Empanada Mama, Nizza

          1. re: D...DF

            AGREED, though I go to both 1 and 2. But I really like the one on the west side of 9th ave.

          2. Hells Kitchen is no East Village but there are still a good number of cheapish places. Here are my favorites

            For BYOB
            Nook – tiny place very good food in a cute restaurant. If you go here order the soup of the day (always very good) and the scallops are excellent. I found the portion for the Tuna Entrée not that great BUT the Tuna Appetizer is excellent and delicious. Its BYOB so booze hounds save a lot of money.

            Gazala Place – Excellent place with excellent middle eastern food. Its tiny and décor kind of sucks but the food is excellent and very cheap.

            Non BYOB
            El Centro – I really like this place the food is delicious (its kind of standard tex mex) and I like their marguritas and the space is bright/cute/clean and makes people happy. Definitely not on the same par as “Hells Kitchen (the Mexican place on 9th by 46th) but very good.

            Pam Real Thai Too – This is an extension of the Pam Real Thai Restaurant and is on 47th right after 9th ave (going toward 10th) the food is just as good as the other place but the space is much cuter. They are cash only so just an FYI. If you want to burn your mouth really really bad get the fish liver curry which is one of the hottest things I have ever had in New York. Otherwise you will find that most of their standard dishes are very good.