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What do you put in your pancakes?

I want to do pancakes for dinner on Shrove Tuesday. My son loves pancakes but won't get much more unusual than blueberries. I'd love some ideas for interesting additions - savory as well as sweet - to make our final pre-Lenten feast fun!

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  1. I have made ricotta and sage which is good

    Savory waffels too

    Bananas, chocolate, strawberries, even figs and gorgonzola cheese

    I made sweet potato with carmelized leeks or onions

    I made a spicy one with cornmeal, chilis, cumin, etc. don't have the recipe handy sorry

    Also made fresh tomatoes in the pancake with oregano and then topped with ricotta and some cheese.

    Lots of options, I still fruit and maple syrup, but have tried a lot.

    Lots of sauces fruit and savory. Give me an idea of what you enjoy as fruits or seasonings. Waffels are really good for this

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      Do you use a standard pancake batter as the basis for your variations?

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        Usually but have several variations sorry. a base batter for the most part and add different varieities with herbs and savory options, sweet sometimes I use a dash of brown sugar. Some I make with ricotta and others with sweet potatoes. I even added shallots and chives and pancetta. I wish I could say one batter. for the most part, flour egg, the normal ingredients, but then it changes with the liquids. Also wheat flour, different combination according to what I am making. Sorry, I wish I had an easier answer.

        Someone wrote upside down pancake ... that is fun and easy..

        Sweet potato pancakes with some fresh sage and topped with gried pancetta and scallions and maple syrup is amazing. Completely different.

        I make a buttermilk one with a chipolte dressing, completely different ...

        Even made a pesto pancake

        Endless possibilities.

    2. Most of these came from friends or endless searching over years or a couple from grandma.

      1. Bananas are good - either really ripe ones mashed into the batter or just sliced into the pancake before it sets.

        Walnuts, too.

        1. I've cooked up some multi-grain hot cereal, like Bob's Red Mill, and mix it in to the batter, for great multi-grain pancakes.

          1. Chocolate chips. peanut butter, bananas, any kind of fruit. One of my favorite places to eat makes a pineapple upside down pancake. Basically its a pancake with bites of pineapple. Served with whipped cinnamon butter and a rick creme' anglaise.

              1. peaches, bananas with brown sugar and pecans.Berries -any and all. If I add things to the pancakes, I'll make the batter thicker and drop the fruit and such in late. Nothing like a pralines & banan pancake!

                1. Not sure what you mean by "in" your pancakes, whether you're seeking something to add to the batter or roll them around.
                  If it's a savory dish you're looking for, try using a simple mix (Bisquick, etc.) with a savory filling. I often prepare a roux to which I add cheese, chopped meat, herbs and spices. I reserve some of the sauce, before adding the meat, to pour over the top of each serving. I use chopped pork roast, chicken, fish, etc. Sauces include paprika and mace for chicken and fish, rosemary with the pork, etc. I fill the pancakes with the meat/cheese/sauce, lay them in a baking dish and pour sauce over the top, bake them at 300 -350 degrees for about twenty minutes and serve with a pitcher of sauce on the table for diners to use as they may wish.
                  I realize is heresy to suggest a mix for the pancakes. But it's quick and easy when I don't have a lot of time. It's also a good idea to add some of the herbs/spices to the batter before putting them on the hot pan/griddle.

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                    I'm thinking more about flat poancakes with unusual ingredients added to the batter, rather than rolled and filled pancakes. Only because my son would not recognize those as pancakes and the theme would be lost on him! I want to work within the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday tradition.

                  2. cornmeal, buckwheat and mesquite are all great additions/alternatives to plain flour, and you can also stir in some oats for texture

                    - lemon-cranberry (i love them with cornmeal added to the batter)
                    - lemon-poppyseed
                    - peanut butter (with or without sliced bananas)
                    - ginger & strawberries
                    - pumpkin with traditional pumpkin pie spices and pecans
                    - apple cinnamon
                    - coffee (stir in instant espresso or coffee crystals), with or without chocolate chips
                    - chai spice
                    - dried cherries & toasted almonds
                    - maple sugar & walnuts

                    - cheddar, corn & green onions (jalapenos optional)
                    - onion, bacon, cheddar & sour cream
                    - goat cheese, scallions & sun-dried tomatoes
                    - spinach & feta or swiss
                    - broccoli & cheddar

                    the possibilities are endless!

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                      Can you describe the flavor of mesquite flour for me, GHG?

                      1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                        earthy, fruity, slightly sweet...with hints of cinnamon, coffee, and chocolate. i also *love* using it in baked goods, but since it's not technically a flour (it's ground mesquite pods), you have to combine it with other flours.

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                          Thanks. Sounds like something I need to try (cf. Ruth Lafler's "I have to have that!"). Where do you buy yours? (We're on opposite coasts, but worth asking.)

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                            if you have a good co-op that sells bulk grains & such, try there...i'm not familiar with the Bay Area, but i used to buy it at the one in Santa Monica. now i buy it online because i haven't seen it in any stores around here.

                            if you can't find it in a store, try Casa de Fruta - they seem to have a good price & reputation.


                            and here are some recent discussions about it to help you out...


                    2. I love Kodiak Cakes flapjack mix when I can get it (100% whole wheat and not strong-tasting, plus you only add water). Trader Joe's multigrain Baking and Pancake mix is also good. Both make outstanding waffles as well.

                      This should have occurred to me before I read it in a Shaker cookbook, but for latkes (potato pancakes), the extremely incorrect and delicious addition of crumbled cooked bacon. This would also be good in "regular" pancakes or waffles.

                      1. I just made a large stack with fresh cranberries.

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                          that is great topped with marscapone, honey and walnuts

                        2. For kids, I put cooked bacon or sausages in the pan and pour the batter on top.

                          You could always go with crepes and stuff them.

                          1. I cannot vouch for any of these except the Double Banana Pancakes (which are good -- I make and keep in the freezer for my son who can't have milk products), but here are lots of ideas...


                            1. - Orange-zest with dark chocolate chunks

                              - hotdog pieces and sharp cheddar cheese

                              - ground up flaxseeds, walnuts, and carob chips

                              - pecans, dates, wholewheat flour (like a sticky toffee pudding-- er pancake)

                              - ryeflour, dried sour cherries, toasted hazelnuts

                              - shredded coconut and lindt white chocolate

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                                i really like the sound of that orange pancake!

                              2. My mom used to make pancakes with fresh corn in them, whenever we had leftover corn on the cob. Just delicious.

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                                  i really like raisins in pancakes but lots of people say i'm nuts...

                                2. Bacon or bacon, sausage and ham.

                                  1. Thanks for all the answers - now I have too many ideas!