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Feb 17, 2009 11:12 AM

What do you put in your pancakes?

I want to do pancakes for dinner on Shrove Tuesday. My son loves pancakes but won't get much more unusual than blueberries. I'd love some ideas for interesting additions - savory as well as sweet - to make our final pre-Lenten feast fun!

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  1. I have made ricotta and sage which is good

    Savory waffels too

    Bananas, chocolate, strawberries, even figs and gorgonzola cheese

    I made sweet potato with carmelized leeks or onions

    I made a spicy one with cornmeal, chilis, cumin, etc. don't have the recipe handy sorry

    Also made fresh tomatoes in the pancake with oregano and then topped with ricotta and some cheese.

    Lots of options, I still fruit and maple syrup, but have tried a lot.

    Lots of sauces fruit and savory. Give me an idea of what you enjoy as fruits or seasonings. Waffels are really good for this

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      Do you use a standard pancake batter as the basis for your variations?

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        Usually but have several variations sorry. a base batter for the most part and add different varieities with herbs and savory options, sweet sometimes I use a dash of brown sugar. Some I make with ricotta and others with sweet potatoes. I even added shallots and chives and pancetta. I wish I could say one batter. for the most part, flour egg, the normal ingredients, but then it changes with the liquids. Also wheat flour, different combination according to what I am making. Sorry, I wish I had an easier answer.

        Someone wrote upside down pancake ... that is fun and easy..

        Sweet potato pancakes with some fresh sage and topped with gried pancetta and scallions and maple syrup is amazing. Completely different.

        I make a buttermilk one with a chipolte dressing, completely different ...

        Even made a pesto pancake

        Endless possibilities.

    2. Most of these came from friends or endless searching over years or a couple from grandma.

      1. Bananas are good - either really ripe ones mashed into the batter or just sliced into the pancake before it sets.

        Walnuts, too.

        1. I've cooked up some multi-grain hot cereal, like Bob's Red Mill, and mix it in to the batter, for great multi-grain pancakes.

          1. Chocolate chips. peanut butter, bananas, any kind of fruit. One of my favorite places to eat makes a pineapple upside down pancake. Basically its a pancake with bites of pineapple. Served with whipped cinnamon butter and a rick creme' anglaise.