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Feb 17, 2009 11:09 AM

Great recipe featuring smoked albacore?

I just bought a couple of pricey cans of smoked albacore at a little upscale grocery, motivated primarily by a fantastic smoked tuna salad sandwich I had at the SF Ferry Bldg Farmers Market a few months ago. I think it had some sliced shallots, capers, a little vinagrette, but it's been a while.

How can I use this ingredient to its best, and also feed a family of 4 with roughly 12-14 oz of fish?


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  1. Trying again. Anyone use smoked tuna in their cooking?

    1. Jacques Pepin demonstrated a recipe on one of his programs where he combined equal amounts of smoked salmon and cream cheese (he used 8 ounces of each and offered ricotta as an alternative to the cream cheese) with 2 teaspoons of lemon in a food processor and created a puree which he then pressed into a serving bowl and topped with chopped red onion, capers and a drizzle of olive oil. His idea was to use it as a dip for bread sticks.
      I served it, processed a bit less than a puree, spread on toasted baggett slices with the capers et al topping, along side a crisp green salad with bacon bits.
      With a glass of wine it made a nice informal dinner for two.

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        Thank you. That sounds tasty. I have a non-cream cheese eater at home, but I may just enjoy this little luxury myself unless I can come up with another way to use it. At least it's canned, and so probably has a long shelf life.

      2. Sandwich or salad ... I would add some capers, artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, good black olives, a good lemon vinaigrette and some feta or not and then place on a nice bed of chilled garlic couscous. This could easily be served warm which would be great

        Chop fine and put on a grilled baguette as an appetizer or a sandwich.

        Also a great pasta with artichoke hearts and a cream white sine sauce and fresh spinach.

        Let me know if you want recipes and glad to post. Kim

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          That first one sounds like a winner. Thanks :)

        2. 2 cans tuna
          2 tbsp red wine vinegar
          4 tbsp evoo
          2 tbsp capers, drained
          1 medium shallot, minced
          S&P to taste, I use kosher salt and fresh ground pepper

          chopped tomatoes
          pitted and chopped oil cured black olives(nicoise olives if available)

          crusty rolls of your choice

          Mix first five ingredients plus S&P together. Cut bread and scoop out a litte from the bottom and fill with tuna mixture. Top with arugula, tomato and olives.

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          1. re: CadienBelle

            artichokes and roasted red peppers and you rock!

            1. re: kchurchill5

              Yes! I love those too! This is such a versitile recipe, just add what you like and you've got a great meal.

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                Absolutely, the best! Over salad, bread, pasta, anything cold or warm. Roasted asparagus and shrimp too. Can't go wrong.

          2. How about preparing a salad of your tuna, chopped tomato (no seeds or skins) finely chopped shallots, ricotta cheese, capers, chopped parsley and a few herbs and stuffing endive leaves,