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Feb 17, 2009 10:51 AM

Gluten-free crumble, anyone?

Need to provide a gluten-free dessert alternative in addition to some pies I'm making for the rest of the crowd. Was thinking a crumble (apple or mixed berry). I have rice flour - anyone have a reliable and delicious recipe? Can I just use my regular crumble recipe and sub. rice flour for the wheat flour?

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    1. re: nemo

      The jury is a little bit out on that. . .some celiacs need to avoid oats, while others (like me) are lucky enough that they can eat them.

      That being said, you need to buy specifically gluten-free oats, from a dedicated processing facility in order to prevent cross-contamination. Bob's Red Mill makes one.

      1. re: pattymelt

        my local WFM now carries the Bob's Red Mill GF Oats, so you might be able to find them. *however* some celiacs also react to a protein in oats, regardless of whether or not they're GF. it's always safest to check with the person who will be eating the item.

      2. re: nemo

        It doesn't, but it may be cross contaminated/processed with something else

      3. I suggest a mixture of nuts, white or brown rice flour (NOT sweet rice or Mochiko), a bit of cornstarch, sugar and butter for a crumble topping. The nuts really add a lot - but I prefer them in gluten containing recipes too.

        I would use your favorite recipe and sub in rice flour if you are using a recipe that has nuts, and not too much flour, and lots of butter. If you are making something that has more of a biscuit on top, then you should just get some GF all-purpose flour if you can find it - one without bean flour would be best for this application IMO (Pamela's or Whole Foods), and use that.

        I would avoid oats, unless you know. I can do GF oats, but some cannot. Please also be careful of cross-contamination. Unless you know you never double dip (use your flour measuring cup to pull sugar out from time to time), then use new packages of sugar, etc.

        1. You could simply sub in rice flour, but you could just as easily add in nut meal/flour (homemade is fine if not best, just nuts whizzed in a coffee grinder, food processor, or seriously smashed).
          For an apple crumble topping try, 1/2 cup each nut flour and rice flour, 1/4 cup brown sugar, a few tablespoons of margarine/butter, a dash of salt, fresh grated lemon zest and ginger.

          1. I would try almond meal/flour in place of the other flours. Mix with butter and brown sugar. I made a pear and berry crumble using the almond flour a few weeks back. Tasted great, almond added a nice addition. I haven't had much luck with rice flour in the same way, not sure why but just didn't have the right texture.

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            1. re: LMelba

              As a note: I do prefer Asian rice flour (again not sweet rice) to the stuff you get at health food stores. I think it tends to be ground finer. Rice flour requires more moisture than regular flour and benefits from some time to soak up the moisture.

              Almond meal or even coconut flour (you can just blend up some unsweetened coconut) is also fantastic - they are staples in my GF baking.