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Feb 17, 2009 10:48 AM

sushi in cedar park? Hayashi?

I traveled to Cedar Park the other weekend and in a strip mall of all places we found Hayashi. I found the sushi to be fantastic, but was a little surprised that on a Saturday night there was only 4 tables occupied in the whole place? Has anyone else ever tried this place? Thoughts? Who would have thought Cedar Park and Sushi, and strip mall went so well together?

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  1. I've been to the Georgetown location also in a mall (Wolf Creek?) and liked it. Haven't tried the CP one yet.

    1. Today was our second visit (both Happy Hours) to Hayashi. The best thing we can say about Hayashi is the Happy Hour on Sunday where Bud Lights are $1. Therein lies the value. We think their sushi is ok-to-good but for the value and the quality, ounce for ounce, we think Sushi Sake/Arboreteum is well worth the extra 10 minute drive, toll included. My dinner date and I both thought Hayashi is best saved for Happy Hours if you don't want to venture past Cedar Park.

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        i haven't heard much about sushi sake-- is their menu a good value?

        i love going out for lunch on my days off (thursday & friday) and am a big fan of decently priced lunch specials and bentos.

        living NW, i usually gravitate to midori (good-sized cuts, decent prices) and osaka mansun (amazing lunch deals but cuts are on the small side).
        a new place would help mix it up a bit.

        1. re: dinaofdoom

          I think Sushi Sake is at least equal to Midori, but in all fairness, I haven't been to Midori lately. Many of my friends favor Midori, but I don't think they visit Sushi Sake much either. The best value is Sushi Sake's happy hour at the sushi bar. Prices are incredible and the cuts are good proportions. $1.50 per piece of Salmon. $5 for a Spicy Susan roll (good size, not petite). Those that go often know that the Spicy Susan and the Spicy Carlos rolls are off menu and the ones to order. They are a given every time. I can't help you much on the Bento Boxes but I do know they often a lunch price for that. The manager, John, is quite friendly. We've been eating there for years.

            1. re: Heidi2qss

              i just went to their happy hour today.
              the spicy susan was good, although i wish it was full sized.
              the white tuna was amazing! and the rest of it was good/decent.
              i actually ended up spending more than i thought, despite the HH prices.
              koreana is still the best deal in the area, i think, seeing as they have 20%...
              thanks for the suggestion, though, it was good to try some place new.