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What to do with a whole bunch of limes

A friend went to a food warehouse and came back with a whole bunch of limes and he has bestowed a bagful of them on us. I put cut lime in sparkling water at dinner.

Any other good ideas for using these?

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  1. Limeade! I don't have a recipe, but someone else may. Now THAT would be delish.

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      How 'bout caipirinhas by the pitcherful for an Oscar party?

      Or maybe caipirinhas by the pitcherful for Saturday night?

      Or start making caipirinhas, individually, now and don't stop until the limes run out (this has worked well in the past).

      Or a take on Key Lime Pie; Food Warehouse Lime Pie (washed down with caipirinhas of course).

        1. Invite me over for gin & tonics. I'll bring chips.

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            Me too!!! I'll bring the gin. When I get limes at a good price I zest & juice and freeze the zest & juice separately, good for most recipes except of course a wedge for gin & tonic.

          2. MAI-TAI
            2 oz Appleton VX rum
            1 oz lime juice (that's an entire average lime)
            1/2 oz orange curaƧao
            3/4 oz orgeat (almond syrup-- I like Routin 1883)

            Shake like mad with several ice cubes, pour it all into a rocks glass. Traditional garnish is a sprig of mint, but my husband likes a maraschino cherry-- his favorite sinister garnish, in his favorite sunny cocktail!

            The original recipe(s) uses less orgeat, and some rock candy/simple syrup, but I love the almondy goodness of all orgeat, and it's one less ingredient.

            1. sparkling limeade= squeeze 'em, mix in simple syrup and sparkling water to taste.

              1. you know what? I froze a whole lemon the other day to see if it would be ok to work with. Being a little miffed paying a dollar for a lemon last spring (or summer?) I decided to try it. I like having a wedge or a nice picatta, so what the heck my tree is really producing and what I don't use I'm washing and freezing. At least I'll freeze a dozen, that way I can have my wedge without feeling taken for spending so much.

                Meanwhile how about a margarita pie (or is it cake)?

                1. My first thought was to make lime curd -- it's delicious and will keep in a jar in the fridge for a long time. I made this lemon curd recipe and it was easy and delicious -- I'm sure you could sum limes instead.


                  1. Cuba Libre's !!!! Or Thai Food!

                    1. I've posted a recipe for a key lime bundt cake that is delicious - I'm sure it would be good with regular limes too. Let me know if you want me to track down the link.

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                        I see that epicurious has a recent recipe for a glazed lime cake where you use a skewer to poke holes in the baked cake and pour a lime syrup over. That sounds kind of good to me.

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                          Yes - this is similiar - you do the same thing with the glaze. Here's the one that I make:


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                            Excellent. I will be making one of these cakes for a potluck this weekend.

                            And will still have lots of limes left over for some of these other ideas!

                      2. Thank you for all these ideas. (But what are caipirinhas?)

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                          The National drink of Brazil, and they are quite good. Think mint-less Mojito.

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                            And can knock you on your ass after a few of them. :-)

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                              No kidding! The closest I ever came to alcohol poisoning (seriously!) was on my first trip to Brazil a few years ago. I don't normally drink sweetened drinks but these were so good, and so big, and so many...

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                            Yep, Brazilian. The booze is Cachaca, a sugar-cane based spirit.
                            No Cachaca, no problem, substitute clear rum (but its worth looking for the real stuff)
                            I make 'em like this;
                            1/2 lime in a tumbler, add sugar to taste (try about 1.5TBL. If its not sweet enough, add more sugar later, if its too sweet, drink it and put less in the next one!)
                            Muddle (ideally squash and mix with a muddler, a miniature baseball bat, but a wooden spoon or other implement will do). Key is to really jam up the lime to release all its juice and to mix with sugar.
                            Add 2-3oz cachaca
                            Stir, top with ice, voila caipirinha.
                            Drink to the sounds of Carnival or Ipanema


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                              They are also decent with vodka ... caipiroshkas (sp?).

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                                Never thought of that...
                                Tequila - caiprijuanas?

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                                  When I was in Brazil, I noticed that the wives of the businessmen I know tended to drink them with vodka. For some reason, I had the sense that it wasn't "ladylike" to have them with Cachaca.

                          3. Guacamole, the real deal, no tomatoes, just lime, kosher salt, serrano chile and white onion.

                            1. If you run out of immediate ideas, you can squeeze all of the limes, pour them into ice cube trays until frozen, then bag them. Fresh/frozen lime juice whenever you need it!

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                                Sorry, I missed your post, apologies ... I do it all the time. Sorry I missed yours read through 90 percent of them.

                              2. Juice and freeze as cubes. Use whenever you need lime juice. 2 teaspoons per cube. Great, just put the cubes in a baggie. Easy quick simple and great lime juice. Need lime for a sauce. Just drop in a cube. Don't need that much. Put 1 teaspoon in a cube and 2 in others, Simple. I do it with wine, oj, lemon and limes and even grapefruit. Grape fruit is a great mix in a citrus sauce for grilled fish. It takes hardly any room and is quick.

                                1. Zest 3 or 4 limes and spread over tilapia fillets; sprinkle liberally with lime juice, salt, pepper and bake them @ 375 for about 25 minutes. Delicious.

                                  1. Limeade - cup of Lime Juice, cup of Sugar (more or less depending on your taste), and two quarts of Water. Stir together. What could be easier and more refreshing? I need to try these caipirinhas though, sounds yummy.

                                      1. Make Dorie Greenspan's Lemon Cream Tart with limes instead of lemons?

                                        1. Once again I cry -- "Lime Marmalade"!!! The food of the gods, and useful in many surprising ways.

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                                            Recipe please, sounds yummy, fish, scallops, chicken, dressings wow...I would love it. I will have limes soo and would love the recipe.

                                          2. my vote is for thai salads, like som tum or seafood & rice vermicelli, and thai hot & sour soups, and lime pie.

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                                                i could eat som tum every single day and be happy! it is the sweet-salty-sour-hot combo -- i'll even drink the leftover dressing (or put some on my drunken noodles).

                                                have you made it? it is easy -- if you can get the green (unripe) papaya, which i can find in the nearby asian shop in eden center (n. va.) pre-shredded. i have also shredded it myself, and of course it was cheaper -- by far. ;-).

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                                                  I've never even heard of this. Will look it up.

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                                                      In English it's usually translated as Green Papaya Salad.

                                                      1. re: karykat

                                                        this site also gives recommended brands of thai ingredients, fyi: http://www.thaifoodandtravel.com/bran...

                                                2. I make a key lime pie that is in-between a pie and cheesecake. More like a light cheesecake.

                                                    1. Lime curd. Use any lemon curd recipe, but change the fruit.