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Feb 17, 2009 10:22 AM

What to do with a whole bunch of limes

A friend went to a food warehouse and came back with a whole bunch of limes and he has bestowed a bagful of them on us. I put cut lime in sparkling water at dinner.

Any other good ideas for using these?

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  1. Limeade! I don't have a recipe, but someone else may. Now THAT would be delish.

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    1. re: Davedigger

      How 'bout caipirinhas by the pitcherful for an Oscar party?

      Or maybe caipirinhas by the pitcherful for Saturday night?

      Or start making caipirinhas, individually, now and don't stop until the limes run out (this has worked well in the past).

      Or a take on Key Lime Pie; Food Warehouse Lime Pie (washed down with caipirinhas of course).

        1. Invite me over for gin & tonics. I'll bring chips.

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          1. re: JohnE O

            Me too!!! I'll bring the gin. When I get limes at a good price I zest & juice and freeze the zest & juice separately, good for most recipes except of course a wedge for gin & tonic.

          2. MAI-TAI
            2 oz Appleton VX rum
            1 oz lime juice (that's an entire average lime)
            1/2 oz orange curaƧao
            3/4 oz orgeat (almond syrup-- I like Routin 1883)

            Shake like mad with several ice cubes, pour it all into a rocks glass. Traditional garnish is a sprig of mint, but my husband likes a maraschino cherry-- his favorite sinister garnish, in his favorite sunny cocktail!

            The original recipe(s) uses less orgeat, and some rock candy/simple syrup, but I love the almondy goodness of all orgeat, and it's one less ingredient.