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Feb 17, 2009 09:58 AM

Amber in Mountain View: so many dishes, so few diners

Two of us will fittingly follow a showing of the Apu trilogy at Stanford with dinner at Amber. The menu is so vast--any recommendations of real standouts, espcially among the lamb dishes, biryanis, starters?

Amber India Restaurant
2290 El Camino Real Suite 9, Mountain View, CA 94040

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  1. You can rely on the expert waitstaff for suggestions to match your tastes.

    I have copied and pasted these from the dinner menu on Amber India's site:

    I hope this helps. It's a great place for sharing dishes. Please post your opinions after your meal.

    Three Mushroom Biryani -- from the Rice Bowl section
    (Assorted Mushrooms with spiced basmati rice


    Mirchi Baingan Ka Salan -- from the Vegetarian Specialties section
    (Anaheim Peppers and eggplant in a southern Indian peanut and sesame sauce)

    Cochin Scallops -- from the Seafood Baits section
    (Spicy scallop curry cooked with cocunut milk and peppercorn sauce with a hint of tamarind)

    Reshmi Tikka -- Appetizers
    (Kebabs made from minced chicken, cashew nuts and onions, cooked in the clay oven)

    Kerala Lamb Curry
    (Succulent chunks of lamb cooked in coconut milk with a unique flavor of curry leaves and peppercorns)

    1. Try the goan fish curry. The tender halibut is perfectly cooked and the curry delicious. Not your typical indian dish but its a real winner.

      1. Did you go? What did you order and how was it?

        Amber India Restaurant
        2290 El Camino Real Suite 9, Mountain View, CA 94040