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Feb 17, 2009 09:56 AM

vegetarian biscuits/gravy in triangle area? (nc)

hi there, i like to make my own vegetarian biscuits and gravy at home but making both from scratch is time consuming and i rarely work up the motivation to go through with it :P

so i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for relatively inexpensive restaurants that serve vegetarian or vegan biscuits and gravy in the triangle area in general and in durham in particular.

thanks in advance!

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  1. I have what may be a stupid question, but I have to ask - what goes in vegan gravy?

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    1. re: Suzy Q

      Are the frozen White Lilly Biscuits sold at Kroger vegetarian? If so that may help with making them at home.

      1. re: Suzy Q

        vegan gravy is actually pretty easy to make. onions, garlic, and mushrooms get fried up with some flour and then boullion and a little soy sauce are slowly added in. let the whole thing simmer for a while and presto, delicious gravy (i've received compliments from my definitely non-vegetarian parents on my biscuits and gravy :)). i make it more exciting by using spicy tomato boullion from the mexican store and using both shiitakes and regular white mushrooms. lots of herbs can be added too - dill makes a particularly strong impression.

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          Sounds yummy! Thanks for the info.

      2. Whole Foods in Chapel Hill used to have a vegetarian gravy on their weekend hotbar that was pretty good, but I haven't seen it there in a while. Maybe the Durham Whole Foods has it? I used to get it a lot and it would would keep me full ALL DAY!

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          ah, yes i've been to the durham whole foods weekend hot bar but i don't recall whether they had biscuits and gravy. i'll have to check it out - thanks for the tip!