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Feb 17, 2009 09:44 AM

Need rec. for 2nd night in London

Coming to the UK from New York City for a month to visit the in-laws in Cardiff and will be in London for two nights. First night we're going to St. John's (so excited) for nose to tail dining. Need a good suggestion for the second night, maybe something sort of near Paddington, for the second night. Prefer something London does better than NY / we can't get in NY (hence St John's as an obvious choice). Planning to check out the Borough Market that day too, so alternatively, dinner could be near there as it will be an early one before our train back to Cardiff.


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  1. I have eaten at J. Sheekey (not far from Trafalgar Square & the National Gallery) several times over the years and enjoyed it every time. They specialize in seafood.

    1. Brindisi at the Borough Market has wonderful Spanish tapas... huge plates of smoked meat etc. It's very crowded at lunchtime (I don't know their hours), but an early dinner might be good for getting a table. Having lived near NYC most of my life, I am sure the Indian restaurants here are far superior than anything I ever ate there... you might want to try that.

      1. Sounds like some heavy eating in store...... if you're up for more and can handle a queue (if you're nice and early it wont be too bad) what about Tayyabs in whitechapel? Great Indian food and a real institution over here.

        It is certainly not fine dining but is great food and I don't remember anything like it over in NY - make sure you order the lamb chops.

        If you need something a bit more to the west, perhaps Arbutus in soho which is doing some interesting things at very good value, although has a tendency to get a bit st johnny with some of the cuts of meat....

        Also - what day are you planning on going to Borough - a classic rookie error is to turn up mid week or Sunday - it is only open in the form you are looking for (ie stalls of food everywhere) on Friday and Saturday... just thought I'd double check.

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          Ack, I thought the market was thur - sat (per website). It's thursday that we were planning to drop by. Thanks for helping me avoid a rookie mistake if that won't cut it :(

          Thanks for the Tayyabs suggestions --- we love Indian food, so that could be a good idea for thur dinner.

          That tapas suggestion looks really interesting too.

          Any 'don't miss' suggestions at St John's btw? I know the bone marrow is one of them. He comes across to Momofuku in manhattan and does a dinner every year. We missed it, with a newborn at home, but the photos I saw looked amazing.

          1. re: Nehna

            There will be still be quite a few stalls open at Borough on Thursday so you will still get the experience - I actually prefer going on this day to avoid the tourists! : )

          1. Being a NYC native, I firmly believe that the Lebanese food in London is far better than in my home town.

            A bonus is many of the best places are in west London.

            Recent thread gives you the hot spots: