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Feb 17, 2009 09:10 AM

Varick and Canal?

My company is relocating downtown. Any suggestions for lunches in the new neighborhood -- Varick Street at Canal?

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  1. moon cake foods, cafe noir

    1. this is the kind of search that yelp excels at.
      this link is for a 4 block radius:

      im rarely in the 'hood at lunchtime, so the only specific recs i could give are for dinner, but they may also work as lunch

      cupping room
      lucky strike
      broome st bar

      more upscale - may not have lunch:

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      1. I bet you work for Edelman. I was in that building for two years and lunch options are not fun. Ordered in from Walkers (cob salad) and Columbine (good sandwiches) a lot. Sosaborella for great sandwiches.

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          i work at Hudson and Varick...not great for lunch unless you don't mind a 10-minute walk...then you can hit Chinatown, of course, or futher down Varick you get into a lot of places that serve the nearby Citigroup building.

          Jin Market is your basic deli/supermarket that makes good sandwiches. It's probably 5 or 6 blocks south on Varick, red awning.

          Sosa Borella is now called Estancia...but still good.

          Bazzini's is good too, but again pretty far down on Hudson.

        2. Definitely Mooncake. I also like Aurora which is a short walk away on Broome Street for something a bit nicer/sitdown. Grandaisy Bakery is close by if you want to pick up a few slices of pizza. Trigo, the new bistro, is close by and open for breakfast through dinner.

          1. Mooncake as mentioned above - the only good place I've found with lunch just under $10. My faves are the steak plate and the chicken buckwheat noodles.

            Aquagrill on 6th and spring - even good for take out - I like the salmon BLT sandwich.

            Snack NYC on Thompson for really delicious, filling and flavorful Greek food.

            Peep does a good prix fixe $8 lunch with appetizer and entree.

            When I get a hankering for pho, I walk across Broome to Mott and eat at Pho Bang.

            My coworkers like Grandaisy Bakery on Thompson for a light lunch - they have thin "pizzas"

            This area is not good for cheap lunches and more restaurants are closing. I need to start bringing my own lunch!

            PS: Avoid Hiroko's Cafe. It looks cute but it is incredibly bland and tasteless.